Did you know that more than 40 MILLION toys are thrown away each year?  (Facts found here.)

We, the Recyclones of Bartonbotics, are reducing the amount of toys thrown away.  
We learned that the United States has 4% of the world's children but we throw away 40% of the world's toys! (Facts found here.)
Another fact is that by April 60% of children's holiday toys are broken and we inferred that they were thrown away.  

Therefore, we created Donate Toys MPLS to help others donate toys.  
We also have crafty and fun ways to reuse old toys and help old toys find a new home.


The Recyclones of Bartonbotics are a group of 6th grade students who attend Clara Barton Open School in Minneapolis.  
We created this website for the 2015 FLL Lego RoboticsChallenge of finding an innovative way to solve a problem that involved trash.

Problem:  There are too many toys in landfills.  
Solution:  Create a website with information on where to donate toys and ways to re-purpose unwanted toys.

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