SANTA CLARA: 11/29/2006

Stanford 88, Santa Clara 56 

That's more like it!

New led the charge with 16 rebounds and 12 points, 
shooting 60% from the 3 point line.

 Jill played hard at both ends, with 3 steals and a game high 16 points.

JJ seemed comfortable running the offense, and had a 
game high 7 assists to go with her 9 points.

Michelle had a breakout  game, with 13 points in just 16 minutes on the floor.

Brooke  came on  strong in the  second  half,  and 
finished the game with 13 points,  8 rebounds, and 2 steals. 

 Candice played demon defense, scored 13 points with 
6 rebounds -- all on the offensive boards.

The Cardinal  rediscovered the hoop's location from the foul line.  
Jane hit 4 of 5, Jill sank 6 of 7, the team was 22 for 32.