ARIZONA STATE: 12/30/2006

Stanford 77, Arizona State 71 

Photos by Don Anderson

What a game!  Actually I hate good close games; I'm more partial to 30 point blowouts.  But as good games go, this was a really good game.......


GREAT MATCH-UP  #1:  Brooke  Smith  vs  Emily Westerberg

Westerberg  is  a  versitile, dangerous  player  who  came into  the  game  averaging 15 points and  5  rebounds a  game.  She and  Brooke went  at  it tooth and nail all night.  The  photos  tell the  story:


 In the first five minutes, Brooke let Westerberg know this wasn't going to be easy.


 The height advantage came in handy.....


 Woops, too little too late again!

 Outta my way! 

 Hey! Left handed? No fair......


Match-up result:

Brooke:  19 points, 10 rebounds,  7 assists

Emily:    8 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists     


GREAT MATCH-UP #2: Jillian Harmon vs. Jill Noe



ASU's most dangerous perimiter shooter, Noe came into the game leading the Pac-10 with a 55.6% 3 point percentage, and an overall 48% field goal percentage.

 Match-up Result:

After spending the game with Jill living inside her shirt, Noe shot 17% from 3 point range and 25% overall against Stanford.


Candice scored 2 points, both free throws, in the first half. In the second half she scored 19, including  FIVE glorious  three pointers.


 Orsillo tried in vain to stop this three point attempt.....

Candice was hot, and Brooke set some great screens in the second half to provide her with the breathing room to do her thing.

JAYNE CAME UP BIG: 16 points, 7 rebounds, a block and a steal.


NEW WAS TOUGH UNDER THE BOARDS, with 9 rebounds and a block.



 J.J. turned in a solid performance, was on the floor for 30 minutes.


 MEL picked up the slack with ten minutes of intense guard play.


The rumors about the ASU "climbing defense" turned out to be true, especially for Jayne and Brooke......




TARA AND AMY discussed the fine points of technical fouls......


AT THE END, the vanquished were downcast........

And the victors were ecstatic!