Alternate Ending: Romeo and Juliet

Alternate ending


Juliet’s consciousness coaxes Juliet into slowly trying to open her still weak eyes. She starts to feel the blood flowing through her veins again from the almost nonexistent flow they had previously been for the last thirty one hours. Of course she doesn't know how long it’s been. What little she thinks so far is that everything is going according to plan.


Friar Laurence stops what he is doing. He suddenly has a bad, ominous feeling but he doesn’t know why. He shrugs it off for the moment but tries to think what might be causing it. He doesn’t like what he comes up with.


Juliet opens her eyes… and sees nothing. She gasps in alarm. Her pulse speeds up and she can smell decay and starts to panic. She can hear voices close by. As her eyes adjust she notices a dim flickering light. She turns her head and can see the silhouettes of two people talking. One of them is holding a torch. She still feels too weak to move. So she lays there. She doesn’t think about her predicament because she knows it will scare her to insanity. As she recovers her strength and her senses she can’t help herself. She glances to the receding figures out the tomb door and swings her legs over the side of the stone table she finds herself on. She creeps over to see who it is. She is surprised to see Paris, arguing with himself and with a watchman about whether or not to see Juliet’s body. He looked close to tears and he seemed wild like he was gone crazy, like Juliet’s death had snapped something in his mind. Juliet’s panic try’s to work its way into her logic, and she thinks about all the dead people surrounding her, and Tybalt’s body not too far away, and his blank staring gaze and emotionless face…. She opens her mouth to scream but no sound comes out. She is frozen completely with horror and terror and shock of the dark thoughts swimming around inside her head. Then she thinks of Romeo, and her panic starts to recede into the dark yield it dwells in. She closes her mouth and swallows. She almost takes a deep breath but thinks better of it considering the musty and deathly smelling air… she realizes its best not to think about it. She glances in the direction of the receding men. It seems Paris has deemed himself unready to face her body. She sighs with relief.  She thinks where is Romeo? And Friar Laurence? With a start she wonders if Friar was lying to her. She dismisses the thought. In fact, as she hears a rustling off to her left, its Friar Laurence himself walking through the courtyard in front of her tomb. She’s still in the shadows so she’s not sure if Friar will see her. She’s about to step out and go to him when another Friar she does not recognize hurries to keep up with Friar Laurence’s long fast strides. Now that she thinks about it he seems to be in a hurry. She catches a snippet of their conversation—“But Laurence, what if she isn’t dea—” She is dead. Don’t share your ridiculous notions with anyone else or the Capulet’s may get their hopes up only to be crushed by the truth.” The other friar nodded sagely at this but still…. “Laurence, I felt a pulse, faint as it may have been.”  Friar Laurence shook his head. “Your own pulse probably got in the way. I’m a professional with things like this, and I didn’t get a thing.” And then they were gone, off to the place Friar Laurence had been so rushed to get to. She thought about what she had heard. It almost made her sad to think that everyone she loved thought her to be dead but remembered why she did it in the first place, and was reassured that if they knew they would understand, if only because they loved her as well.


As Friar Laurence walked through that courtyard he felt a strange sensation, almost as if he were being watched. He didn’t know what it was but he knew it wasn’t right. He struggled to maintain his pace and composure so as to exit the place as quickly as possible. He thought about the ominous feeling he had gotten earlier. He came up with an idea. He would hustle through the courtyard and unobtrusively look into the tomb. He didn’t move his head. He made sure not to. He didn’t want to draw the other Friar’s attention towards it. He moved his eyes only, glancing down and ahead to make sure he didn’t trip and fall on anything. He thought he could see the faint outline of a girl, he didn’t know. He blinked and it seemed to be gone, but his eyes were old and he was tired and weary. He quickly went back to focusing on getting out of there….


Juliet never knew he looked, but she could sense his urgency. She waited an estimated five minutes but there was nothing but silence and the coming darkness. She tentatively walked out the tomb door and sped the way Friar Laurence had come. She moved from shadow to lengthening shadow, being extra cautious, waiting each time and making sure the coast was clear before slinking off to the next shadow. She was painstakingly slow but if she wasn’t this careful she could be found. That would be disastrous. She didn’t know what would happen to Friar Laurence, but she knew her parents would never let her out of their sight again. She doubled her efforts of stealth. She knew she wasn’t a professional, but it would have to do. She must do it for Romeo. She reached her destination and stopped. She realized she had been holding her breath and let it out slowly. She took a moment to catch her breath and walked around to where she knew she knew Romeo had found a place to live. She slipped in through a window and found him hunched over a chair looking miserable. She didn’t want him to cry out so she crept up behind him and put her hand over his mouth. He started to rise and was about to let out what scream he could muster when he heard her whisper “Romeo, it’s me, Juliet.”

Romeo explained everything. Just over the border of Mantua there were guards watching his every move. Juliet felt a chill go through her. She then realized how important it was that she was so stealthy.  They gathered some provisions, a blanket, and some food, and snuck out the back door of Romeo’s exile shamble, and made their way quietly and low to the ground until there were plenty of buildings to shield them from the watching eyes of the guard.  They walked… and walked... and walked. They walked until the sun came up and continued walking for the next day, eating their food sparingly. They walked into the night and saw a light in the distance. Romeo turned to Juliet. She nodded, knowing what she was thinking. They wouldn’t know about Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. There they could see if they could be accepted, and if so create a new, fresh start for themselves.