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9Health Fair is uniquely endorsed by the Colorado Medical Society, The Colorado Nurse's Association and The Colorado Hospital Association. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our commitment to the highest ethical standards, transparency and accountability.

9HEALTH FAIR'S GOAL is to help you and your organization achieve what you want to achieve. We are looking for ways to work with members of the community to to further both our missions.

            • 100,000 adults learn their cholesterol and other critical numbers every year
            • 170 sites in 48 of Colorado's 64 counties
            • 19,000 medical and non-medical volunteers
            • 2,500 women receive free Pap screenings
            • 25,000 men receive a PSA test 
            • Our In the Classroom program supports health fairs in seventy K - 12 schools, reaching 26,000 students with health and fitness education 
            • Support from individuals, major partners, companies and foundations
            • 5,000 generous donors every year
            • 9Health Fair is a member of Checkoff Colorado



Click Here for a Complete Copy of 9Health Fair's 2008 Annual Report

We are very proud of the economic contribution we make to the Colorado economy and the cost-savings measures we have in place to insure that every dollar earned or donated is used to serve our community. In 2008 9Health Fair income was $4,786,583.

83% of every dollar earned, donated or awarded goes directly to providing early detection, peace of mind, evidence-based education and hope. Now, in our 30th consecutive year of service, approximately 100,000 men and women attend a 9Health Fair anually; 26,000 K-12 students learn about fitness, nutrition, obesity and other timely subjects through our In the Classroom program.

Working together, we really do make a difference.

ADDITIONAL WAYS TO HELP - Tell other people about 9Health Fair and why you believe it's important to attend. This is the single most important thing everyone can do.


A GIFT TO 9HEALTH FAIR IN YOUR WILL is a simple and powerful way for you to fight for early detection, health education, peace of mind and hope. For information about leaving a legacy, or extending your mission through a gift of any type, please call Rory Donaldson directly at 303-996-0982.

CHECKOFF COLORADO is away for you to achieve your mission as you prepare your taxes (Tax Form 104, page 2, Line 46). As aging Baby Boomers fret... Thanks for supporting your 9Health Fair community.


9Health Fair provides numerous ways to help you, your foundation, your organization, achieve what you want to achieve. Sponsorships are also available. 

Call me today: Rory Donaldson, Director of Development, 303-996-0982;