Who I Am

I am the J Omar Good Professor of Religious Studies at Juniata College.  For 12 years, I have been the founder and chair of the department.  I teach and pursue research in religious cognition and behavior.  I utilize wearable computing, multi-agent modeling, and ethnographic videography in my work.

Courses I Teach

RL 110: What Is Religion
RL 170: Origins of Evil
RL 210: Sacred Landscapes
RL 241: Cyborg Futures
RL 270: Sinners and Saints
RL 311: Bring Out Your Dead
RL 341: Religion and War
RL 370; Ethnographic Videography

Areas of Expertise

The Cognitive Science of Religion
The Evolution of Religious Behavior
Religious Tribalism, Cooperation, and Hostility
Embedded Signals in Landscapes and Cognition
Mortuary Rituals and Religious Cognition
Computer Simulations of Religious Behavior
Wearable Computing and the Affective Sciences
Ethnographic Videography

Various computer systems including Netlogo, Matlab, GIS, 3D Printing, Final Cut, Affectiva, and Zephyr Technology.

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