ENGLISH 101: College Writing

Writing Sex and Gender
Freshman Writing Course


Kimmel, Guyland

Harvey, The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing 

Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew
Jhally, The Codes of Gender




English 101 will help you learn to construct college-level essays based on your analysis of texts. To give our work direction and shape, I have chosen two texts about gender and sexuality. One is a famous work of literature by Shakespeare, and the other is a book about modern codes of masculinity written by a noted sociologist. As we work our way through the semester, we will develop a common language for discussing representations of gender—a language you can use in your writing. We will start from the following premise: thinking critically and writing well are intimately related skills. Good writers are careful readers and thinkers.

We will think critically about how our modern culture represents masculinity and femininity. When reading Shakespeare, we will examine how Shakespeare, writing four hundred years ago, thinks about gender in his culture.   

  • Improve ability to read closely and think critically
  • Practice writing as a staged process
  • Gather tools for constructing argumentative essays
  • Acquire terms and techniques for analyzing gender and sexuality
  • Employ correct, clear, and compelling grammar and style