Maile Shimabukuro Events

Maile Shimabukuro is the Hawaii District 45 Representative for Wai`anae, Makaha and Makua

Visit her website here  Maile Shimabukuro


MAILE LUNCH 3-10 internet.wmv      People's Path Lunch.    On March 10,2010 Maile Shimabukuru arranged for a thank you lunch at Kahumana Cafe  for the Leeward People's Path                                             volunteers.      Click on this link for an 8 minute video of  the event.                                                                                                 

Peoples Path cleanup a success.  Mahalo nui loa to all the hard-working volunteers who helped beautify and clean-up the People's Path in Ma`ili over Martin Luther King Weekend on 1/16/10. The clean-up was sponsored by Women of Wai`anae, AlohaCare, Nani `O Wai`anae, Rep. Maile Shimabukuro, and others.

See a 2 minute video of the cleanup here:

Waianae Environmental Justice Workgroup Study Presentation.  This program was given at the Waianae Public Library on July 17, 2009 to show the public what they had learned during a 4-week study of the environment on the Leeward Coast of Oahu.  For further information go to their website:,  Phone: 808-988-6266, or email:

See the presentation here:  Workgroup Study, Part 1   Workgroup Study, Part 2  Workgroup Study, Part 3

Koa Paka Kamaki Miles Drunk Driving Memorial.  "Koa Paka Kamaki Miles: Poina 'ole 'ia (Never Forgotten)" was the first annual event in remembrance of the 3-year-old, who died on 5/15/08 after a drunk driver hit the car in which he and his parents were traveling in Nanakuli, Hawaii. The fundraiser goes toward building a playground at Pūnana Leo o Wai'anae, the school Koa Paka would have attended.  To see the 20 minute video click here:  Koa Paka Kamaki Miles Drunk Driving Memorial


 Pokai Bay Cleanup  On August 29, 2008 Representative Maile Shimabukuro arranged for a massive cleanup of Pokai Bay in Waianae, Hawaii. It was a huge success. 

Click on the following link to see a 5 minute synopsis of the cleanup.                                      Pokai Bay Cleanup               


 Back to School Night  On September 8, 2008 Friends of Representative Maile Shimabukuro arranged for games, door prizes and dinner at Waianae Elemetary School in Leeward Oahu.  There was a large turnout to give community backing for her reelection. 

Click on this link for an 8 minute video of   the festivities      Back to School Night 


Leeward Beach Cleanup  On September 27, 2008 a Leeward Beach cleanup was hosted by Maile Shimabukuro and sponsored by Women of Waianae, Teach For America - Hawaii, Nani O Waianae, and AlohaCare.  There were over 100 people there to help create a multi-use pathway, the "People's Path"  as part of the first National “Day of Action.”   The cleanup was a huge success with over 100 people helping to clear litter and debris, and landscape the area with native, drought-resistant plants.

Click on this link for an 17 minute video of  the event.       Leeward Beach Cleanup
Waianae High School Homecoming Parade  On October 3, 2008 Waianae High School had a homecoming parade that went from Pokai Bay to the high school.   Many of the students participated and had a great time. 

Click on the following link to see an 11  minute video of the parade.   Waianae High Homecoming Parade


 The Halloween Spooktacular & Haunted House was held on October 25, 2008 in Waianae at the Leihoku Elementary School and was a huge success. 

Click on this link to see a 6 minute synopsis of the event  2008 Spooktacular