C u r r e n t  V e n u e s           


   Poka Laenui has a weekly television program on Hawaii's `Olelo stations called A Second Glance, and a radio show on Oahu radio KWAI 1080 AM on Sunday mornings from 6-8 A.M. called Hawaiian Potpourri.   See his programs here:       Poka Laenui 

Poka Laenui recorded sessions of his versions of Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises.  See them here:     Poka Laenui Chi Kung & Tai Chi

Waianae Hawaii AARP Activities

See some Waianae, Hawaii AARP Chapter activities here.     Waianae Hawaii AARP Activities

  In November 2015 Hawaiian Hope arranged for a 130 mile walk around Oahu to raise awareness of the homeless.    Their goal with the event was to help the public understand some of the issues, and to raise money to help people overcome their obstacles.  See videos of the walk here:    Walk the Talk
Hawaii 2015

  In early 2016 Faun, Garnet, Vern, Delora and Don went to Mexico to experience an Ensenada adventure.  Here is their story.   Ensenada Adventure



  Envision Nature.
  See Sunset and Surfer Videos with music here:   Envision Nature

In August 2015 several members of the Hutton clan gathered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to celebrate Grammie Hutton's 80th birthday.  Here are several short videos of this great occasion.     Family Gathering in Iowa for Grammie's 80th Birthday

Margie and Jr. Johnson
escaped the Montana weather to Hawaii in February, 2014.  Here is their story.    Margie & Jr. Johnson in Hawaii


On May 10,2013, Halston Weick graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Here are videos of the May 2013 festivities.  See the festivities here:

   William Aila Presents was on Oahu's OLELO Cable TV for 6 years.  The weekly series was dedicated to Hawaii to help develop a sustainable future and to help improve social, economic and environmental well-being.              

                                                                                        View his programs at:       William Aila Presents



 Maile Shimabukuro Events   Hawaii State Senator Maile Shimabukuro has arranged for many public service events 

                                                                    View these programs at: Maile Shimabukuro Events 


Sooriya Kumar, His Art and Vision                     

                                    Visit this page to see Sooriya's story:    Sooriya Kumar    


Thumbnail  Z. G. "Tom" Tong's Art.                          See Mr. Tong's story here:    Z. G. "Tom" Tong's Art

San Jose, California High School Class of 1952 had their 60th reunion at the Mariani Inn in Santa Clara on August 11, 2012 thanks to Dominick and Marilyn Fanelli, their daughter, Grace and her husband John. The festivities were enjoyed by all.    See the web page here:   1952 San Jose High School 60th Reunion
India and Rob's Wedding
     India Moore and Rob Silver got married in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on June 2, 2012. Go to this link to see their wedding festivities.   India & Rob's Wedding
     India and Rob's families were in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to celebrate the occasion.   Their stories are here.     Iowa Adventure
Southeast Asia Adventures    
File:Map-of-southeast-asia 900 CE.png    In Fall, 2012 Delora & Don Hutton escaped to Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia to revisit ancient ruins from the Khymer Empire dating from the 8th to the 17th century.                                                                          
                                                    See videos of their escapades here:    Southeast Asia Adventures
    In December, 2011 Delora and Don Hutton revisited Myanmar. They were there originally in 1993.
                                                                                                             Here is their story:    Myanmar Adventure
Cambodia Trips

           In January, 2011 Halston and Brighton visited the ancient Cambodian ruins at Angkor Wat with their grandparents.  

                                         See their story here:   Halston & Brighton in Cambodia 

     Cambodian  Children's House  of Peace  -    coconut dance.avi When in Cambodia in 2010 my wife and I visited the Cambodian Children's House of Peace and witnessed the great work that Dr. David
Biviano has done with the children.  
    Videos which showcase their dances and tell some of their success stories may be seen here:      Cambodian Children's House of Peace


Delora & Don Hutton's 2008 Cambodia trip videos are here:   Cambodia Trip

Thumbnail  Yoga in Hawaii was on OLELO Cable TV for 6 years.  
                                                                      See some of  their programs here:      Yoga Programs 

Ka'aha`aina Cafe Mothers Day 2010 hula entertainment   The Ka`aha`aina Cafe at the Wai`anae Coast Comprehensive Medical Health Center had a spectacular Mothers Day Brunch with great entertainment.                                                                                                   
                                                                                 See the programs here:     Entertainment montage              Hula           Trio          Duet

BLUEGRASS HAWAI`I is a traditional and bluegrass music society dedicated to connecting fans and musicians all over the Hawaiian Islands, and supporting events and concerts that help promote and perpetuate bluegrass and traditional music!        Bluegrass Hawaii

 Betty Winstedt - A Legend Young at Heart. Betty is an active, interesting and multitalented spirit. Born Betty Pembroke of Salt Lake City, she has been an athlete, a professional, an artist, a wife, a mother of two daughters, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. Throughout her 96 plus years she had a multitude of interests and has always pursued her dreams.  

                                                                              See her videos here:  Betty Winstedt

  • Leeward Successes   This site is dedicated to successes on the Leeward Coast of Oahu, Hawaii which is also known as the Wai`anae Coast.                          See these uplifting programs here:  Leeward Successes

  • Fearless Awakening.   Fearless Awakening with W. Xavier Staub, Phd, LAc. Xavier’s many experiences with non-physical existence of the self, revealed to him by way of out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and astral travel, have intimately influenced his journey, leading him to meditation and fasting for up to 40 days at a time on distilled water only. 
    See his story and Video here:  Fearless Awakening

  • Hoa`Aina O Makaha Rebuild.    The community gathered together to cleanse their spirit and rebuild Hale Haumana together with caring hands and hearts.                                           See the programs here:    Hoa 'Aina O Makaha
  • AARP Trick or Treat for Safer Streets  The AARP Pedestrian Safety sign-waving "Trick or Treat for Safer Streets" was held in Hawaii on October 30, 2008. This video captures the Waianae coast portion of that event.                              

                                            Click on this link to view a 4 minute video of the event:  Trick or Treat


  • Habitat for Humanity - A 31 house build is happening on the Leeward side.

            Click here to see the video. Habitat for Humanity

  •  Nanakuli PVT Landfill  communinity meetings were held at the Nanakuli First Baptist Church for residents concerned about or affected by the existing adjacent landfill.  

                            To view a video of the meetings click here:        Nanakuli PVT Landfill Meeting Information

 Our Goal

Our goal is to provide healthful programs and awareness specials to help all in Hawaii.

If you have a community project that you would like to put on Oahu TV and the internet, please contact Don Hutton. 



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