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A Balanced Budget and Deficit Reduction

We can balance the federal budget and we must.  Our economy and the fiscal security of the nation and of its citizens cannot be sustained unless we end the irresponsible and unconscionable practice of spending money we do not have because congress is to incompetent to manage the finances of this country.  I estimate that at least three dollars are spent on programs for special interest groups, waste, fraud, duplicated services and mismanagement for every dollar spent for the good of the public.  If we took party politics out of Washington then congress would have to answer to the public, not to the special interest groups who fund the political parties, so we would have the money necessary to fund a government "for the people", to balance the budget and eliminate our crippling national debt. 

Health Care / National Health Care Policy

If congress had been doing their job health care would be affordable and we would not need a national health care bill.  The fact is that congress has let those big campaign donors and lobbyists who profit from health care run wild with price increases.  While Americans suffered under the burden of enormous health care costs, special interest thrived; thanks to their bought and paid for Republican and Democrat members of congress.


Health care in this country is too expensive for most Americans because congress has allowed the health care industry to charge pretty much whatever it wanted and to reap enormous profits in the process.  Now congress has awakened to the reality of unaffordable health care costs but rather than reining in health care costs they simply passed a bill mandating that taxpayers pick up the cost of health care for those who cannot afford it. Congress did not respond to the fundamental problem of unaffordable health care. They simply shifted the cost burden and left health care costs sky high.  Why? Because special interest groups who own the United States Congress and who actually wrote substantial portions of the recently passed Health Care Reform legislation, demanded that their prices and enormous profits continue to rise.  Congress once again bowed to the demands of special interest and left the rest of us struggling under the burden of increasingly higher health care costs and higher taxes, fees and insurance premiums.


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Earmarks ought to be eliminated.  Period.  Earmarks, usually buried deep in massive budget bills to hide them from constituents, are nothing more than an unabashed payoff to campaign donors.

Recently the leadership of the House of Representatives announced a ban on earmarks for profit-making companies but left them in place for non-profit companies.  Almost immediately non-profit companies were set up by persons associated with for profit companies in order to receive earmarks for the non-profit companies and funnel that money into the for profit-making companies.  Many in congress went along with this scheme and simply directed the earmarks to these bogus non-profit companies.  The hypocrisy and hubris of these party politicians is almost beyond belief.  They ban earmarks to profit-making companies to fool their constituents into thinking they are doing something good, then, in secret, turn around and mock their own ban to propose earmarks for non-profit companies that funnel the earmarks into profit-making companies in order to circumvent the new ban.  Both Republicans and Democrats participated in this scheme since party politics being what it is, they support each other when it comes to deceiving their constituents.

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Resign to Run

Running for President may not seem to be a justification for depriving Americans of their Constitutional right of representation unless you are a member of the United States Congress. Serving as a member of the United States Congress is a full time job as is running for President. Senators and Members of the House of Representatives cannot effectively represent their constituents while they are traveling throughout the country campaigning for President. Since they are not performing their duties in congress their constituents are deprived of their constitutional right of representation in their government. Thus a member of congress who chooses to devote their time to looking for another job must step down from office so as not to deprive their constituents of their constitutional rights. To not do so reveals indecisiveness about which job they want and a lack of self confidence about their ability to win the new office they seek. Indecisiveness and lack of self confidence are not traits which qualify one to be leader of the free world. Neither the founders of this country nor its citizens expected their representatives to use their office as a mere mailing address while they look for another job.


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