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Welcome to the Larry M. Gronewold American Legion Post 532 website.
As you look around, you will find information useful not only to Legionnaires,
but to Veterans in general.  We are always looking for
qualified Veterans who would like to join The American Legion and our Post.  To
see if you qualify and to download a membership form, click here.  Information is
also available on the same page for anyone wanting to join The American Legion Auxiliary.
If you have questions, click here to contact one of the Legion or Auxiliary officers.
You can also send an email to
Or feel free to attend one of our meetings.

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Tired of receiving a dues notice every year?  A new option was available
beginning in the 2014 membership year.  Automatic dues renewal.
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Yet another option to eliminate those yearly dues notices is to
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The USO puts out a magazine called On*Patrol.
To view the latest edition, click here.

Remember the newspaper that always seemed to be where
the soldier was?  In the foxholes in Europe?  On the ships
at sea?  In times of conflict or peace?  To see the modern
day, online version, click on the logo above.

  Post 532 Legion and Auxiliary meet on the 2nd Monday of each
month at 7 PM at:
302 North Main Street (Donahue Fire Department)
Donahue, Iowa
Post email address:

302 N Main St

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