http://intranet.papanui.school.nz/file.php/100/Information_symbol.pngYou can leave a comment on most of the pages provided. Many pages will also contain attachments. Both of these functions can be dealt with near the bottom of the page.
You may also notice the lack of pages on the main Nav Bar. This is because many pages have subpages. e.g. Company Section page has football, scripture, badgework etc.  Sub pages can also be found at the bottom of each of the pages.
For anymore info or if you would like to provide feedback personally please send us an email: deebb@hotmail.co.uk

You Never Let Go -Matt Redman


Welcome to our new home on the 'world wide web.' I hope that you will enjoy our online content and tht you will participate in all that goes on here. Over the coming weeks I plan to add content such as games, BB football, Photo albums and much more!

Each page has a comments section and an attachments section. You may comment on each page. However, only admins can leave attachments here, these may be information leaflets or resources.

Some of our pages also have subpage. These can be found down in that area too! :)


This website doesn't and will probably never run itself. Therefore, we need your help. We are offering to of these positions. This will envolve you being given the power to edit certain website pages, moderate the forum and upload content. If you are in anyway interested please speak to Dean.

Thanks, Dean