Project Summary
As technology has developed, computers, printers, modems, routers and other computer peripherals have become increasingly prolific in the lives of most people. Increasing use of technology has led to an increase in both energy consumption and the carbon footprint of people in the world, much of which can be prevented by using efficient techniques for managing the power states of these devices. Domotics, the science of using electronic techniques to manage household devices, has sufficiently evolved that it can be programmatically implemented in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

The purpose of this application is to utilize domotic technology to manage the power states of computers and computer peripherals using PowerLine Carrier signals both efficiently and intelligently. The application consists of several components to facilitate extensibility, including a main interface, a plugin system, and a web-service component. The application also has an application-programming interface, which is currently being used for a mobile application and web application for remote management. The plugin system was used to create an intelligent algorithm to optimize the energy savings of printer usage. The algorithm was used with actual data from a local business and showed 20% power savings over the traditional method. In addition, the same algorithm can be extended to be compatible with devices other than printers to result in even more energy savings.

The application was successfully created and exceeded the design specifications. It is undergoing testing to improve the algorithm used for printer management and improve performance in high-interference environments.