Simple Robotics Library

A simple robotics library for the AVR AtMega128.

Please feel free to contribute and use code from the Simple Robotics Library.  The purpose of the library is create a simple resource for people that want to use the AVR for basic robotic functions.  The library is not meant to cover every possible use of the AVR chip, but the more contribution the better.  Many applications share different resources on the AVR chip, so check the top of the header files to see what resources the file you want to use uses.  The different parts of the library are as encapsulated as I could make them.  Especially with interrupts you may have more than function that needs a single interrupt.  What I did is provided an example of an interrupt function that is comment out and can be cut and pasted into a main file.  This is a big work in progress, and still needs a lot of cleaning up and testing.  Please use it with this in mind, and email me if there you have contributions or fixes.