Paul Piollet and Indonesia

The salvation of a vanishing heritage






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A selection of Paul Piollet's photographies of traditional Indonesian boats has been exhibited in Surabaya at CCCL (Centre de Coopération Culturelle et Linguistique)
from Jan. 20th to Feb. 2nd, 2010.
(Location : CCCL, Jalan Darmokali n° 10, Surabaya 60265)


    Paul Piollet*, born 1935, began his professional life in oil prospection at the end of the 50's. He has worked on fields across all the "oil planet", Sahara, Libya, Nigeria, North Sea, Persian Gulf, Patagonia...

    At his first mission in Balikpapan (Kalimantan) in march 1970, Paul Piollet discovered Indonesia and felt rapidly a growing passion for the country and its inhabitants. His special interest for the maritime life led him to dedicate himself to the preservation of an underestimated heritage, that of the sailors who made the transportation of goods across the archipelago, on local hand-made sail ships.

    Searching forgotten archives in the harbours, questionning captains, ship-owners, harbour administrators, Paul Piollet has gathered in nearly 40 years an exclusive documentation on these beautiful vessels and their crews. He has copied by hand all that in old harbours registries was related to sail boats, from 1949 to the beginning of the 1970's. He also took thousands of pictures, that will remain a testimony of this vanishing world.

    Paul Piollet has published seven books on Indonesia and one on Singapore. A ninth book will be dedicated to the history of the main harbours of East-Java, Gresik and Surabaya.

    An exhibition of Paul's photos will take place at the CCCL (French Cultural and Linguistic Cooperation Centre) in Surabaya from Jan. 20 to Feb. 2, 2010.



Edited by Paul Piollet, Ternant. Printed by G. de Bussac, Clermont-Fd

- Équipages et voiliers de Madura (1995). 174 pp.
ISBN 2-9509776-0X


- Salemboe Indah - Une île des mers du Sud (1997). 170 pp.
ISBN 2-9509776-18


- Traditional Singapore - From the early 70's to the late 80's (1997). 153 pp.
ISBN 2-9509776-26 (texte en anglais)


- Équipages et voiliers de Bira (2000). 2 volumes : 152 / 116 pp.
ISBN 2-9509776-34 (Vol. 1), ISBN 2-9509776-42 (Vol. 2)


- Équipages et voiliers indonésiens (2002). 2 volumes
ISBN 2-9509776-50 (Vol. 1), ISBN 2-9509776-69 (Vol. 2)


- Indonésie - Voiles, visages, paysages (2003). 111 pp.
ISBN 2-9509776-77








* Grandson of Paul Piollet, surgeon of Clermont-Ferrand