To help with our planning, we encourage you to enrol your child at least three months before they are due to start school. All children in New Zealand are eligible to commence school on the day of their 5th birthday.

When enrolling at Dominion Road School you will need to bring the following with you:
  • a copy of your child's birth certificate
  • a copy of their immunisation certificate
  • their passport (if they were born overseas)
  • your passport if you (their parent) were born overseas.
Enrolment Zone - This map shows you the catchment area for Dominion Road School.
Enrolment Scheme - This document explains our Enrolment Scheme.

Key school information
  • Dominion Road is a primary school and caters for Years 0 - 6 (5 to 10 years of age).
  • Pre-enrolment at around 4 and a half years is appreciated
  • Refer to our Calendar for all term dates and public holidays.
School Visits

Upon enrolment in our school you will be sent a letter approximately 4 weeks prior to the date your child is expected to start school, regarding pre-entry visits. These visits are held in the new-entrants classroom and are designed to familiarise your child with the school routine. These visits are held each Thursday from 9 - 10:30am. A parent or caregiver is required to stay with the child during these visits. Your child does not need to wear his / her school uniform during these visits.

New Parents Morning Tea

A new parent morning tea is on occasion throughout the year. Dates and times will be advertised in the newsletter. This is an opportunity to find out about our school, our curriculum and your child's progress.

School Uniform

The Dominion Road School uniform is available exclusively at:

The Warehouse  
22 Stoddard Mt Roskill 
Ph: (09) 6290627

Please note: sun-hats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4. No Hat - No Play!


The stationery for our school is purchased through the Warehouse Stationery

Buy online at:

Stationery lists (with special back to school pricing):

School Donations

 Full Year Discount if paid by 31 March
 1st child: $160.00 $144.00
 2nd child: $120.00 $252.00 (2 children)
 3rd child: $100.00 $342.00 (3 children)
 4th child:  Free $342.00 (4 children)

Starting in Term 2
 1st child: $120.00
 2nd child: $100.00 
 3rd child: $85.00
 4th child:  Free

Starting in Term 3
 1st child: $100.00
 2nd child: $80.00
 3rd child: $70.00 
 4th child:  Free 

Starting in Term 4
 1st child: $70.00
 2nd child: $60.00 
 3rd child: $55.00 
 4th child:  Free 
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