Dominic Pukallus

Lines 2.1 for Windows

Lines 2.1 Screencapture 2 from Dominic Pukallus on Vimeo.

This video is created from the screen capture of the output of Lines.

A cut-down version of Lines running in your browser created using Three.js can be run by clicking here. The code is available here.

Lines is a real-time virtual dynamic sculpture by Dominic Pukallus. The visual output of the program is an illustration of the emergent complex behaviour of a "flock" or "swarm" of thousands of coloured lines flying through 3D space, each obeying very simple rules. The values given which govern the lines' behaviour are derived using the iterative formula which is used in the computation of the Mandelbrot set. Watch for the "Rainbow Serpent" effect.


You will need first to have the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed.

To install Lines, simply unzip the dowloaded file and follow the instructions in the "Readme" file.

THE INSTALLER IS NOT DIGITALLY SIGNED and you will get an 'unknown publisher' alert. This is because I'm not paying for a publishing certificate for what is just a hobby at the moment, but if you downloaded it from here it should be free of nasties. Lines also uses the Microsoft XNA framework 3.2 for 3D graphics and depending on your Windows system configuration there may need to be additional files automatically downloaded from the Microsoft servers for the application to work

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