I (pictured, at far right, watching cricket as played by small plastic figures) work in the Philosophy department at Sheffield University, as does my wife, Rosanna (and Rosanna's brother Simon works in the Music department). Maybe we'll manage someday to get our daughters Lydia (pictured, in centre, looking pleased) and Miranda (also pictured, at left, looking intense) on board too. I am the department's only Yorkshireman.

I was an undergraduate at UCL. I then did an MPhil and a PhD at Trinity College, Cambridge, studying under Alex Oliver (and living for one year in Wittgenstein's famous set of rooms in Whewell's Court). That was followed by a stint as a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge. I've been at Sheffield since 2004.

My main purpose for creating this site is to avoid having to use the dreadful web tools provided by my employers, so that I can easily do things like provide downloadable versions of academic research that I've done.

I've done work in a range of areas of philosophy, including aesthetics, epistemology, formal and philosophical logic, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind. A fair proportion of my published work has revolved around modality. More recently, though, I've been working on the especially sensory contents which belong to the enormous range of actual and merely possible forms of representation which show things as looking or sounding or otherwise standing sensorily certain ways - this category includes many pictures, for example, plus sensory mental images. My book on these issues - called Showing, Sensing, and Seeming, and published by OUP  appeared in September 2013, and it will appear in paperback in Spring 2017. But there's more on all that within.