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Exit Interview Schedule
It is our goal at Dominican to have the exit interviews done prior to August 20th. This gives the university time to get grades and transcripts sent.  In the event this cannot happen for you there are options...just contact me.  

At the completion of your hour requirement you will have to have a face to face meeting with me and we will review your course completion goals.  
At that interview you should provide the following:
  • The summary and evaluation sheet.  
    • This should be filled out and attached should be a written 2-3 page paper that answers the question prompts at the bottom.  
    • The log sheet of your hours.  You may hand write or you may download the spreadsheet and fill it in.
    • Your evidence...this may include but is not limited to:
      • documents that you have created for your classroom
      • pictures of items or areas that you have created for your classroom (these may be digitally displayed via a tablet or computer or even a phone)
      • bring a computer or Ipad if you wish to share a website or other technology based product.  
  • We will attempt to choose a date and meeting place that is easily accessible. More to come toward the end of the course.