***WARNING***Wikipedia is an open source "encyclopedia" written and edited by wiki community readers.  ANYONE can edit the articles.  Not accepted for academic research.

Need help writing a research paper?  Need help with MLA format?  Need help with your literature analysis?  Check this site out.   A Research Guide
Plagiarism Checker
Primary Sources - Great for history

  EBSCO - magazines, newspapers, books, biographies, tv transcripts
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Online Encyclopedias

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Other Libraries


Internet Public Library - hosted by librarians to help researchers find credible sources online.

 Dewey Browse - Great links for research projects.

Check-out these resources for biographies, science, social studies, arts, music, language arts, and math.
Bibliography/Citation Help
.Use these and just enter your source and it helps cite it for you.  (must check to see if the citation is correct.)

EasyBib - Easy to use citation generator.  Watch this video to learn how to use it.

MLA & APA differences

MLA - University of Maryland, great examples of citation and in-text citations.