Where you can take your pet out of the wild,
but you can never take the wild out of your pet.
Certified All Breed Grooming with a Natural Approach.

My name is Christine. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2008 where I trained to be a certified pet groomer in all breeds with show and pet styles at Classy Pet Grooming School in Loveland, CO. I groomed for a locally owned natural pet shop in Denver, and occasionally provided waterless baths/brush/trims for mountain towns that rely on their water to be brought in. After our wedding in 2010 we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon work trading for 2 years on farms living sustainably. I went around to other off grid properties to provide my services to their animals for bargaining. We found ourselves back in our home state, North Carolina, to be closer to our families for a little while. Now here we are back in this beautiful state. We live in a cabin at the top of Drake, and love being surrounded by nature. Outside of my passion for grooming, I love getting lost in nature with my amazing husband, and my spoiled to perfection shepherd mix.

Meet Rosco, our German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix. He was born wild on January 3, 2005, and loves roaming free ever since. He thinks we rescued him, but in many ways we all rescued each other. Rosco is naturally cared for including raw fed. He loves to explore, and becomes our personal tour guide on adventures. His favorite days are taking him into the wild, and letting him lead the way. He enjoys discovering strange and exciting plants, animals, and places. His spirit towards the wild is our inspiration.