Far Infrared Sauna

Michael Domeny DNP-c, FNP, MS, L.Ac, CD/N,

Licensed Nutritionist, Licensed Acupuncturist

Board certified Herbalist,

Family Nurse Practitioner


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Infrared Sauna

What is it?

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Far Infrared heat is a band of light that we perceive as heat. It provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. 

     Local application of far infrared heat has been used therapeutically in the form of TDP lamps all over the world for more than two decades. The recent invention of far infrared saunas allows for application of Infrared energy to the whole body. It is not only highly beneficial to our overall health, but is also free of side effects.  Far infrared heat is used by doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and massage therapists to promote self-healing in such conditions as arthritis, muscle pain, and injuries to the tendons and ligaments.

          Because of space, most private clinics limit the use of far infrared heat only to TDP heat lamps. Patients can therefore benefit only from localized effect of far infrared heat. The use of far infrared heat sauna on the other hand allows patients to receive the full spectrum of health benefits. The growing number of clinical research has demonstrated the beneficial effect of far infrared heat sauna on cardiovascular system, immune system, arthritis, autonomic nervous system, blood circulation, relaxation, pain relief and many other conditions.  

     The infrared sauna used in this office provides additional unique benefit of concurrent heated back and calf massage. This is particularly useful for patients with variety of back pain, as well as patients seeking relief from stress and anxiety. To learn more about the benefits of Infrared heat and infrared heat sauna with heated back massage and acupressure, please follow the links on the left.