Michael Domeny DNP, FNP-C, MS, L.Ac, CD/N,

Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist

Licensed Nutritionist,

Family Nurse Practitioner




     Dr. Domeny is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist and a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist. He graduated from Brooklyn College Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Nutrition. He continued his studies for next four years at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, earning another BS and eventually MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

      Dr. Domeny has strong background in Western medicine and is an advocate of integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western biomedicine. In keeping with this, Dr. Domeny continued his training at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, graduating from the program as the first non-physician participant in the United States. While at Harvard, he was fortunate to receive instructions from distinguished experts in the field of neurology and pain modulation, as well as leaders in the field of Japanese acupuncture. Currently Dr. Domeny is on the official list of US practitioners who are allowed to incorporate Kiiko Matsumoto's style of acupuncture into their practice.

      Dr. Domeny's clinical practice is very versatile, but focuses primarily on the treatment of orthopedic disorders, rehabilitation medicine, pain management.

To further his understanding of the relationship between disease, dysfunction, and pain, Dr. Domeny was selected as one of only 40 physicians who have the opportunity  each year to study specific style of Japanese acupuncture directly under its founder Dr. Yamamoto at his hospital and rehabilitation center in Japan.

     Returning from his training in Japan, Dr. Domeny was selected as one of the first 20 acupuncturists to participate in a hospital-based acupuncture fellowship at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City.

     In the course of this one year program he worked as a part of rehabilitation medical team and treated pre and post-operative patients. He also worked in the busy outpatient rehabilitation clinic and treated patients referred by their rehabilitation doctors using modern research treatment protocols along with other acupuncture techniques. His clinical rotations at St. Vincent’s hospital included the rehabilitation department, internal medicine, cancer unit, and geriatric department.

     Before its closing, St. Vincent’s Hospital was ranked amongst top US hospitals for quality care in stroke recovery. Dr. Domeny treated many patients recovering from stroke during his rotation in impatient rehabilitation department.  Other neurological disorders that he treated at St. Vincent’s Hospital were Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis.  The combination of Traditional Chinese acupuncture along with newer Japanese acupuncture style produced remarkable results in the treatment of these neurological diseases.  

     Dr. Domeny has many years of experience as a Nutritionist/Dietitian and believes that in the area of internal medicine, it is necessary to employ along with Western medicine nutrition and herbal medicine as the primary form of treatment, along with acupuncture as the supportive measure.

          Dr. Domeny graduated from Columbia University at the top of his class as a Family Nurse Practitioner. To receive additional training in general family medicine as well certain specialty areas, he continued his studies at Columbia University for another two years completing advanced didactic course works, as well as one year full time residency earning the terminal degree as a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). 

         In August 2014 Dr Domeny joined the US military to further expand his clinical skills and provide much needed comprehensive health care services to those who serve our country. Currently Dr Domeny works as an active duty Army health care officer and provides primary care and urgent care services only to the current or retired military personal and their families.