Muscle Spasm and Herniated Disc

Michael Domeny DNP-c, FNP, MS, L.Ac, CD/N,

Licensed Nutritionist, Licensed Acupuncturist

Board certified Herbalist,

Family Nurse Practitioner

     Chronic spasm in the muscles of the back causes narrowing of the spaces between individual vertebra and may lead to disc herniation (see image). Narrowing of the intervertebral spaces and/or disc herniation creates pressure on the spinal nerves that supply individual organs and different parts of the body. Knee pain, pain in the arm, and variety of stomach problems are only few examples of conditions that may originate from spasm of the back muscles.

      To prevent further tissue injury, reduce pain and promote fast recovery, combination of acupuncture, Far Infrared Heat and massage has been shown to be very effective.