Heated Back Massage 


Infrared Sauna

Michael Domeny DNP-c,FNP, MS, L.Ac, CD/N

Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Nutritionist

Board certified Herbalist

Family Nurse Practitioner

              347 - 693- 7659               


       This Infrared Sauna provides individual or combined

  • Heated back massage and acupressure 
  • Calf massage 
  • Whole body Infrared Sauna 


Chiropractic Knowledge, Oriental Medicine and Modern Technology Combined


     The massage with heated jade stone rollers  begins at the neck and reaches all the way to the bottom of the lower back following the spinal curve and targeting acupuncture points along the spine. The nervous system along the spinal cord is a network of nerves that communicates with the limbs, all organs and the brain. Therefore this type of back massage promotes healing and regeneration of  tissue and organs in the entire body. 

   Heat emitted by the rollers relaxes the paraspinal muscles and enables the spine to regain its flexibility.Heated back massage results in a better alignment of the spinal curve and therefore better signaling through the nervous system. This is the core of chiropractic principles combined with the knowledge of oriental medicine.


                                      The 180-degree-shaped Capsule Design      


The massage table with mounted capsule bathes the whole body in soothing far-infrared warmth in 30 minutes. Highly focused far-infrared energy warms up the core of the body while increasing whole body energy level. Your head remains outside of the capsule, allowing for breathing the cool air. There are three major elements of this massage table:


Main mattress -delivers automatic heated massage to the back

Sub mattress- delivers a relaxing massage to the leg muscles 

Far-infrared dome - delivers a whole body treatment with soothing warmth.  


                        Warmth delivered by Active Carbon Fibers                                  

Unlike other far-infrared heating devices, which commonly use linear heating coils embedded within thermally conductive materials, this device uses "Active Carbon Fibers" that  deliver more even soothing warmth throughout the entire body. Each carbon fiber emits  waves of far-infrared heat across most of the internal arch surface of the dome. It feels soft, relaxing, pleasant, and refreshing. 

Picture below shows imaging before and after Far Infrared Heat Therapy. Blood circulation is clearly increased after Far Infrared Heat Therapy which is demonstrated by warmer temperature in the palm. Good blood circulation throughout the body is a crucial component of successful healing process. Without sufficient supplies of oxygen, nutrients and removal of toxic metabolic waste the diseased areas of the body cannot heal properly.

One of the effects of Acupuncture therapy in treating soft tissue injuries is increased blood circulation into local area. Therefore combination of acupuncture with the whole body Infrared Heat Therapy greatly increases therapeutic value of each session. 


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