21/09/2016 - Barcelona Film Fest Showing

To celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed release, we are pleased to announce that the film will be showing at the Beefeater In-Edit Film Festival in Barcelona 27th Oct - 6th November 2016. It will also be available VOD on In-Edit TV for the duration of the festival. 

13/08/2012 - 30th Anniversary of the seminal post-punk documentary

It is 30 years since we released Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed - an award-winning film in the UK and to celebrate we are trying to encourage a number of educational showings in film clubs, music venues/festivals, independent cinemas and pop-up sites around the world. If you run any of these or know someone who does and think they need a little post-punk Rough Cut action, click here. Educational showings can be arranged through VMI International and exhibition formats of required type can be provided by us. Trailers and links on the website. In November 1982, it opened at the ICA cinema in the Mall. 30 years later, we'd like a few people to see it again...

27/04/2011 - 'MayDay Movies at East End Film Festival

Our fillum 'All the Years of Trying' showing at Venue 58 under the Vibe Live event at the East End Film Festival on Monday 2nd May.

18/05/2010- The Grierson Awards and Shell Oil - The Trust Responds

To Dom Shaw

From Jane Callaghan, Grierson Trust                                                   18th May 2010

Dear Dom,

It is with regret that we receive your letter, returning your Grierson Award of 1982, following the sponsorship of the Grierson Award for Best Documentary on a Contemporary Issue by Shell International.

As you know there is a long standing relationship between Shell and The Grierson Trust dating back to the creation of the pioneering Shell Film Unit in 1934, of which John Gierson was one of the founding members.

Shell’s endorsement of the work of The Grierson Trust and its funding for future documentary in no way compromises the editorial independence of the awards, or the projects and support the Trust gives to documentary makers. The Trust is aware of Shell’s chequered history in the area of human rights and the environment, and monitors its efforts to address these issues. The Trust has always worked with a range of corporate partners in order to support new filmmakers, whose work, we hope, will continue to illuminate issues of social injustice and speak truth to power in the tradition of John Grierson.

This three year sponsorship deal also allows the Trust to further develop its education and mentoring programme, encouraging young people to develop their passion for documentary and continuing to foster the spirit of Grierson in the documentary makers of the future.


Yours sincerely,


Jane Callaghan

General Manager

The Grierson Trust

My reaction is that if the Trust is aware of Shell’s chequered history, it should also be aware, through its monitoring of efforts to address these issues, their chequered present.

Ie: the situation in Ireland and Ghana http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZKjejkt4XM

As I expected, but a disappointing response nonetheless. It will be interesting to see whether Shell’s corporate behaviour, or indeed the level of protest and far more notable boycotts of the awards than mine,  will change their mind about the value of this sponsorship deal.

To: Jane Callaghan

The Grierson Trust                                                                              07 May 2010


Dear Jane,

 I am disgusted to find that the Grierson Trust has entered into a sponsorship arrangement for the Grierson Political Documentary Award with Shell Oil. In one sense, the partnership may be seen as a natural fit, given the history of the Shell Film Unit, which, after the GPO, played a major role in the development of the documentary form. However, it ignores the recent and continuingly ignoble history of this damaged brand and traduces some of the films the award chooses to honour. Franny Armstrong and Dogwoof Pictures can obviously speak for themselves about how they feel about this latest development, which post-dates their well-deserved award for Best Green Documentary from the Trust for ‘The Age of Stupid’ last year. As fans of irony and the film will know, one of the principal interviewees, Alvin du Vernay, was a Shell employee.

Last year, Shell paid an out of court settlement of £9.7m to the Ogoni people in a case that alleged that the company was complicit in murder, torture and other abuses by Nigeria's former military government against campaigners in the oil-rich Niger Delta, including the activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. The lawsuit alleged that Shell officials helped to supply Nigerian police with weapons during the 1990s, participated in security sweeps in parts of Ogoniland and hired government troops that shot at villagers who protested against a pipeline. It was also alleged that Shell helped the government capture and hang Ken Saro-Wiwa and several of his colleagues. Shell denied the accusations but made the huge payment as part of a ‘process of reconciliation’. This payment halted a full trial where full details of Shell's activities in the Niger Delta would have been revealed. 116 concerned employees of Shell Oil dispersed throughout the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands, recently called for a peaceful corporate revolution at the company by leaking details to environmental and human rights campaign groups, to highlight the harm allegedly done by the company’s operations in Nigeria. Shell is now pushing for a more active role in Ghana

When I won the prize with my co-director Hasan Shah in 1981/1982, for our little home-made punk music film ‘Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed’, the ceremony consisted of a single award for best documentary and a couple of subsidiaries such as one for repertory programming won by Steve Woolley for his brilliant work at the Scala. It was held in the National Film Theatre at minimal cost and with voluntary participation, organised by the BFI. In recent years the Awards have grown to the level where corporate financing has been sought to continue an ever-expanding ceremony and raft of other awards. I can’t help feeling that the Trust has lost its perspective and a sizeable proportion of its credibility with filmmakers.

I cannot speak for my co-director, but I am formally returning and rejecting the Grierson Award on my own behalf and request that you reflect this on your website and in your archives. Given that I received the award 29 years ago, it matters as much as a fart in a vacuum to anyone else, and no doubt seems pointless and unnecessary, but it matters to me.

Grierson’s influence on factual filmmaking was immense, underpinned by a strong social commitment, but he was no political evangelist or saint. However, he is quoted on your website as having ‘a desire to bring the citizen’s eye in from the ends of the earth to the story, his own story, of what was happening under his nose.’ There is a nasty smell beneath my own not inconsiderable conk and it emanates from the Trust’s regrettable decision.


Dom Shaw


03/04/2010 - Patrik Fitzgerald Documentary 

'All the Years of Trying' showing at  East End Film Festival

Whitechapel Art Gallery 3pm -24th April 2010

‘All The Years of Trying’ part documentary, part concert film, is an ode to the Stratford Bard of London’s East End produced and directed by London based film makers Dom Shaw and Daniel Carboni of music documentary specialists Anonymous Films

Patrik Fitzgerald, known as the Punk Poet and composer of the ultimate anthem 'Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart'; Fitzgerald kicked against the brash three-chord orthodoxy by performing waif-like and vulnerably alone with an acoustic guitar and a tattered book of poems at the height of the punk revolution. 

Although never making it to the dizziest heights of pop fame he continues to be a well respected figure, cited as an early influence by author and poet Benjamin Zephaniah, and legendary journalist and Nirvana biographer, Everett True. The new millennium has seen a resurgence of interest in this determined, brave performer who battled on with his music through much travail and now seems set for new appreciation by a whole new generation charmed by his stripped down honesty and integrity. 

The film is directed by film maker Dom Shaw who first met Patrik 32 years ago and filmed him for his seminal punk documentary ‘Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed’ which won the John Grierson award for best documentary. Featuring some of his best known songs and interviews with people influenced and entranced by his music, the film is an affectionate tribute to an old friend. ‘I knew Pat long before I met him’ says Shaw ‘because every song was soaked with his own vulnerability and humour that myself and many others could completely identify with. 

‘Everything I've ever read about myself has said how shy and self effacing I am, so I really shouldn't blow my own trumpet about this film. Having said that, I have watched and kind of enjoyed it, I think. I've probably written some good tunes and there are some of them in this film. Being stuck into celluloid is a bit like having your soul stolen, however.  But there you are... Enjoy the film. ‘ Patrik

‘It seems as if all those old bands from the punk era and later are getting their renaissance’ says producer Daniel Carboni, ‘and to be truthful, some of them aren’t worth the attention. But Pat never seems to have got the attention he deserved except from a well respected network of influential artists. We hope this film will help to change all that.’  The film also includes footage from a concert and a tribute organised by Trondheim based record label Crispin Glover Records run by Torgeir Lund. The acoustic punk poet with the cutting lyrics was filmed on Friday the 6th of March 2009 at Verkstedhallen, in the artistic community of Trondheim’s Svartlamon district.


Contacts – Dom Shaw (00 44) 7941 753813 Dan Carboni (00 44) 7799893293

Email: anonymousfilms@blueyonder.co.uk



10/11/08 - 'All the Years of Trying' post-production

After two years in production the documentary on punk poet and singer songwriter Patrik Fitzgerald is nearly completed and finishing post-production. Contributions from Benjamin Zephaniah, Garry Bushell, Chumbawumba and legendary Rock journalist Everett True are mixed with archive clips and performances from the great man's mini tour of 2006. An earlly cut of the film previews at the Kosmorama Film Festival in Trondheim, Norway next March where Patrik will perform. Anonymous Films will be shooting the Norwegian gig for inclusion in the final cut which will premiere in the UK.


8/04/07 - 'Fists of Fury' released

KERRANG! TV are premiering Anonymous Films FISTS OF FURY video of the Cockney Rejects on their CONCRETE JUNGLE show from Sunday 1st April. The new single and video - FISTS OF FURY - will be available to download on iTunes on 9th April. It's backed by the ever popular BUBBLES mini-documentary. Following that (at last!) the 7th May will see the release of UNFORGIVEN which will be released on G&R London and will be available both on download and in the shops.

29/12/2006 The Art of the Critic on BT

The award winning short 'The Art of the Critic 'is now available to BT customers as part of their new video on demand service. Director Dom Shaw said  today 'At last the public get to see a naked fat bloke for only £1.99 a pop'. ' The deal arranged by sales agent Shorts International promises to push the boundaries of acceptable taste and can even be downloaded onto mobiles to terrify small children.  Ah, the art in all it's mystery!

22/11/2006 Japanese Cinema Release

A new cool cinema trailer showing in Japanese Cinemas now can be viewed here.  Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed will be showing in Tokyo cinemas in January 2007. To coincide with the release,co-directors Dom Shaw & Hasan Shah gave an interview to 'Doll'  Japanese music magazine accompanied by a picture of how  they looked back in 1979 when they made the film. Ah, bless...



Released in OZ, Japan and...Derby

The DVD is released on the 4th November in Australia by MRA Entertainment. In January 2007 the film premieres at a cinema in Tokyo accompanied by a PR & Publicity campaign that will lead up to a Summer DVD release in Japan. Distributors AK Film Company have synchronised the theatrical release with the first release of the first three Stiff Little Fingers albums in the territory. Hence the presence of a gravity defying Jake Burns on the poster shown here.

In addition the Metro Cinema in Derby, UK is showing the film and the 2005 update 'Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed Re-Visited' as part of a John Peel Tribute day on 12th November. Directors Dom Shaw & Hasan Shah will be present for a question and answer session and the day also feature a screening of TEENAGE KICKS: THE STORY OF  THE UNDERTONES, featuring Peely alongside the Derry band he transformed into an 80s pop sensation.

They'll also be featuring live sets from Derby's very own Lardpony, and from Scouse psychedelia merchants Of Arrowe Hill, the latter performing tracks from their classic 2003 Peel session and their astonishing albums 'The Spring Heel Penny Dreadful' and 'Hexadelica And The Speed Of Darkness'

30/09/2006 - New Patrik Fitzgerald Documentary

The extraordinary reaction to Patrik Fitzgerald's mini European tour guaranteed a return next year and launched a new documentary on the man and his music. 'Patrik Fitzgerald - Improve Myself' started shooting in August and will continue for the next eight months culminating in a triumphant final UK performance and featuring many artists and pundits influenced and inspired by the archetypal acoustic singer songwriter who emerged from the do it yourself ethic of the punk revolution but carved out his own very individual path. 'I've always thought Pat's renaissance as an artist was well overdue' said Director Dom Shaw, 'but I've been amazed at the reaction to him from the younger generation and from his contemporaries.'  The filmmakers have their fingers crossed that they will be able to witness several interesting collaborations with contemporary artists and fans of the ascerbic Stratford Bard. www.patrikfitzgerald.co.uk

11/06/06 - Patrik Fitzgerald returns for UK Tour

Friend of the company and star of 'Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed' Patrik Fitzgerald is returning to Blighty this August from New Zealand for his first UK tour since 1997. He'll be making a historic appearance at the  last ever 'Wasted Festival' on 11th August.  The archetypal punk acoustic poet who had numerous hits including 'Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart' back in the punk era and afterwards has been name checked and covered by the likes of Benjamin Zephaniah, Chumbawumba and The Wonder Stuff . He will be touring with old friend Attila the StockbrokerPatrik said today: 'I'll be playing acoustically and playing a selection of stuff from 1978 to now. Although my stuff remains punk in essence it has always been about trying to just express real life and trying to write non stereotypical songs, to just be original in my own way and hopefully write songs that talk to people'. Best CD available at the moment is The Very Best of Patrik Fitzgerald Check out the tour dates on Patrik's myspace site here.  

8/07/2006 - Cockney Rejects blow Bubbles with Anonymous

Legendary punk/Oi band the Cockney Rejects recently played the Stratford Town Hall to a rapturous crowd and were filmed by Anonymous Films for a promo of their new updated 2006 version of the West Ham classic  'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' now available on Itunes.

7/07/2006 - Bravo features Archive clip

Bravo TV's series 'The Real Football Factories' featured clips from 'Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed' in the first episode of the series featuring London clubs. The Cockney Rejects were interviewed alongside their youthful selves cavorting around Barking rehearsal studios and the Old Moonlight Club in London over 26 years ago. The series is presented by actor Danny Dyer.


01.01/2006 - 'Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed' with Vision

February 2006 Hasan Shah & Dom Shaw's archive classic post-punk documentary has signed with sales agent Vision Films for all territories. The film is available in Europe on DVD with ILC Prime but Mohawks and Mods will soon be blooming across the world.

11/05/2005 - Anonymous Wears Shorts

Award winning comedy short 'The Art of the Critic' is now represented by sales agent Shorts International for world sales. The movie is a devastating satire on modern conceptual art and its critics. In the Annual Program without Frontiers it won Best Actor, Best Director and Best Art Direction. Trivia note: The film features actor Aaron Barschak (under the name Felix Krull) who created a media storm by gatecrashing  the birthday party of Britain's Prince William.

13/06/2005 - Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed released on DVD

June 2005: The archive rock documentary was digitally re-mastered and launched on DVD with a lavish reception at London's The Hospital club where Jimmy Pursey, Garry Bushell, The Purple Hearts, The Cockney Rejects and numerous journalists attended a screening and enjoyed the odd libation. ILC Prime have released the title in Europe where the reviews have been ectsatic. Buy it now.