Selection Committee

Dolly Gray Award Review Panel

Consideration is given to include a wide range of members on the Selection and Review Committee. Representation may include, for example:

  1. DADD Awards Chair (2 cycles)

  2. Chair of the Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award (4 cycles)

  3. Chair of the Selection and Review Committee (3 cycles)

  4. Publicity Chair (3 cycles)

  5. Presentation Chair (2 cycles)

  6. Parent of an individual with DD (2 cycles)

  7. Teacher of students with DD (2 cycles)

  8. Children's literature "expert" (e.g., librarian, professor) (2 cycles)

  9. Visual artist or book illustrator, and/or children' book author (2 cycles)

  10. Member of the Board of Directors of DADD (2 cycles)

  11. Individual with Autism/Developmental Disabilities (2 cycles)

  12. Student panel (1 cycle)

Application for Serving on the Review Panel

If you are interested and qualified to serve on the Dolly Gray Award Review Panel, please complete the application here.