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I think it’s good deal to have companies that give us, as writers, the chance to make extra money off of our blog. But, in the long run, are they REALLY doing US a favor? I mean, think about it, some of these companies take as much as 75% of the money the advertiser is paying for US to write the post. So what work do they really do? We are the ones doing the research, writing the reviews, posting the links, submitting the blog entries then waiting on payment. Sometime you have to wonder, is this worth the $5 you’re making? Maybe to some people it is, but I think many bloggers get slightly disgusted when they realize the pennies we make to the dollars they make. Read More

SEO Or Page Rank: Which Is The More Important?

Whether you believe in SEO or Page Rank and wonder which is more important, your thinking is irrelevant. You are wasting your time in wondering what is the correct answer to that question, since even if you knew it, there is little you could do to use that information.

Why do I say that? Because SEO, or search engine optimization, is a way of designing your website, and placing content in it, to satisfy search engine algorithms. Search engines are so sophisticated today that if you achieve that, then you will also satisfy visitors to your website. If you satisfy visitors to your website, then they will stay on the page they landed on and read it. They will then click to read other pages on your website and might even make a purchase. Read More

How to Start Trading Forex

I recomend you to join Marketiva for your trading forex partner. By signing Marketiva, you will be rewarded free $5 (real money) to trade in live trading and $10.000 for virtual trading that you can use to exercise your initial trading.. In Marketiva you will also be supported by marketiva team for 24 hours. You can also chat with the Marketiva support team and other cahtter. To start trading forex, you may follow this instruction. Read More .....
Since Google, Yahoo and MSN support for rel="nofollow" tag to reduce the link and comment spam that plagues many web sites, your link and comment in any website or blog would be devalued with this "preventing spam comment" tag. This policy would pretty help you prevent spam comment and link, but in other hand, will be a serious problem especially for you who want to find backlink from your comment though you did not intend to make any spams.

As has been stated by Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer and Jason Shellon, Blogger Program Manager, "From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results." Read More....
I used to refuse to sell any product to other. Some of my friend regret offering me join their multilevel marketing communities. I said, i did not have any talents in selling. My main reason actually was, I was disturbed when I've to sell product to other, but in fact I did not use the product. I just show the good, but did not show the bad. I felt guilty not to be honest, though I can't say that this is a kind of scamming. Read More