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      Working papers:
  • Computerized versus Human Interaction: Methodological Note on CPR experiments PDF 
  • Online Social Behavior and Culture, with Sun-Ki Chai, Min Sun Kim, Jang-Hyun Kim, Dong-Wan Kang PDF abstract
  • Endogenous Shifts Over Time in Patterns of Contributions in Public Good Games, with Sun-Ki Chai and Ming Liu  PDF
  • Grid/Group Cultural Theory and Behavior in Public Goods and Bargaining Experiments, with Sun-Ki Chai, Kyle Hampton, Ming Liu  PDF   instructions   survey
  • Role-assignment Algorithm and Behavior in Computer-Mediated Experiments, with Sun-Ki Chai, Kyle Hampton, Ming Liu PDF  survey   
  • Playing Both Roles: Role Reversal Effect and Culture in Simple Games, with Sun-Ki Chai and Katerina Sherstyuk PDF
  • Endogenous Preference Change and Behavior in Experiments, with Sun-Ki Chai and Ming Liu PDF     abstract
  • Health Insurance and the Labor Market with Wage Rigidities: Insights from experiments, with Katerina Sherstyuk and Gerard Russo PDF Appendix  under review
     Dissertation:  Common-Pool Resource with Free Mobility    abstract