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What is Youtubers?

First of all, I would like to introduce a definition of "Youtubers".


We can find the definition of Youtubers in Wikipedia.
It is saying that Youtubers is "A user of sharing websites Youtube."
You can feel something strange because they are ordinary people, but you can notice that they are  "celebrity"
when you see their subscribers. Their subscribers are much more than normal pop stars' official Youtube channel.

For example, Charlie McDonnel who is running "Charlieissocoollike" has over 1.9  million, and almost 2 million.

(YG, which is one of the most famous entertainment companies, has 740000 subscribers and SM entertainment has 1360000 subscribers.)

It is surprising.


Main logo of  YG entertainment.


Youtube celebrities made their own Youtube channel, and made videos periodically.

In the beginning of their channels, they do not have much subscribers, so they promote their channels on their sns such as twitter or tumblr.

Most of their subscribers are their aquintance.

When they have a unique system, category or editing skills, they become having more and more subscribers and thumbs-ups from other Youtubers.


Most of Youtube stars have their own official opening and ending clips and ments.

Also, they  have special backbround music to start their videos.


There is a site named "YouNow" , so Youtube celebrities can have a on-line real time chat with their fans or each other youtube stars.


Jack chatting with his fans on Younow.


Above all, youtube stars have a mature mental ability.

Even they make a short video, they have a obvious intention : Making people happy.

I always get moved because of their good-hearted mind to make something good for other people in some ways.


But! Before you become a Youtuber, there is one thing you need to know : subtitles

Most, frankly every famous Youtube celebrity uses English.

Americans, Canadians, British, Austrilians, Philipinnos all use English on Youtube.

And there is no subtitles in Korean...

For me, is is hard to understand either.  I understand only half of the video, but I can get it when I watch the video many times.

Do not try to understand t once, just relax and listen again and again

Then you can get it soon


For the last shot, here is the 1st page of Youtube.