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The Hopscotch Box Set

Hop to (or Three, or Four) It...
Role:  Game Designer

I designed this game or set of games actually for my Game Design class with Jesse Schell. The goal of the assignment was to reinvent hopscotch in a way that improved upon the original game. Finding problems with hopscotch and then coming up with solutions to those problems was a good strategy that Jesse recommended to us for creating a “better” game.

I found several problems with hopscotch, but decided to focus on a few that I felt were holding the game back from being a really enjoyable experience. The issues I addressed were portability (since hopscotch courts are usually drawn or taped down), turn-based vs. real-time play, and customization (for other people who wanted to change the game beyond my ideas).

What I ended up creating was a hopscotch box set, complete with four fold-up courts,
four beanbag balls, and 36 chip pieces. This set not only allows people to play my different versions of hopscotch, but also to create their own using the provided set pieces. I created two racing-style hopscotch games with the pieces included in the package, but I am sure there are many more possibilities!

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Kyle Dolan,
Jan 24, 2009, 5:27 PM