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The Hopscotch Box Set

Hop to (or Three, or Four) It...
Role:  Game Designer

I designed this game – or set of games actually – for my Game Design class with Jesse Schell. The goal of the assignment was to reinvent hopscotch in a way that improved upon the original game. Finding problems with hopscotch and then coming up with solutions to those problems was a good strategy that Jesse recommended to us for creating a “better” game.

I found several problems with hopscotch, but decided to focus on a few that I felt were holding the game back from being a really enjoyable experience. The issues I addressed were portability (since hopscotch courts are usually drawn or taped down), turn-based vs. real-time play, and customization (for other people who wanted to change the game beyond my ideas).

What I ended up creating was a hopscotch box set, complete with 4 fold-up courts,
4 beanbag balls, and 36 chip pieces.  This set not only allows people to play my different versions of hopscotch, but also to create their own using the provided set pieces.  I created two racing-style hopscotch games with the pieces included in the package, but I am sure that there are many more possibilities.

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Kyle Dolan,
Jan 24, 2009, 5:27 PM