Joy James Williams
SEFL Diocese President



Last updated:  2 April 2016
Southeast Florida Diocese
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My dear Daughters:
     We had the most wonderful Diocesan Lent Quiet Day on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Family in Miami Gardens.
     The retreat was led by The Reverend Canon Dr. Martin W. Zlatic, the Rector of the Episcopal Church of St. Joseph, Boynton Beach, and his meditations called each one of us to examine our relationship with God deeply, especially the issue of trusting God completely. 
     The Reverend Cynthia Gill led us in the discipline of Centering Prayer, habituating us to the language of God, which is silence; The Reverend Mary Naughton helped us "experience" the Labyrinth, first of all understanding the concept, and then walking the labyrinth, recognizing it as a representation of the journey within ourselves to hear the small, quiet voice of God.  The Reverend Wendy Tobias introduced us to the Lectio Divina, which is simply a way of reading sacred text, an invitation to hear what the Spirit might be saying to us, and The Reverend Dr. Zlatic led us in the discipline of using guided imagery and active imagination in reading the Scripture as a journey into focused prayer.
     For the first time, members of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew were invited to join us in retreat; many did.  Over two hundred plus persons attended this retreat.  To those of you who did not come this year, I invite you to come in 2017.  I promise you it will be a special time with Jesus.
     Special thanks and appreciation to the Rector of Holy Family, The Reverend Father Horace Ward, The Rector of Saint Peters, Key West, Father Haughton, and to the Daughters of the King of the Church of the Holy Family, and to their Junior Daughters. 
     Our Chaplain, the Reverend Father Paul J. Kane, The Rector of Saint Paul's, Delray, was the glue holding us all together all day; we thank him for his prayers, his encouragement, his cheerfulness, his homilies, and his servant leadership.
     On Saturday, April 30, a Workshop will be held for presidents of Chapters at Saint James-in-the-Hills, Hollywood, Florida.  If a president so chooses, she may invite any officer or member of her chapter to attend in her place, or to accompany her.  This workshop is designed to help all chapters function well using the guidelines set out in the 2015 revised publications of the Order, including the Chapter Manual, the Handbook, Constitution and By-Laws, etc. but, more than that, it is designed to draw us back fully into the vision of the Order - to be reflections of Christ's light in the be the Daughters Christ is calling us to be.   If all chapters are represented at this workshop, every chapter in this Diocese will be have "revised" information regarding the national expectations of the Order for chapters.   I promise you that you won't be sorry you came.  
     Our 47th Annual Assembly will be held on Saturday, November 5 - hopefully, preliminary arrangements will have been concluded, and the place can be announced at the Workshop and, later, to everyone.

Joy James Williams