Pygmy Goats

Meet the Herd
Doko Farm breeds Pygmy Goats and Pygmy Goat crosses for pet quality animals and for our own home dairy needs. After 6 years of breeding and enjoying these awesome animals, we are moving away from Pygmy Goats and looking forward to getting a full sized dairy goat for our family.  While this was a hard decision to make, it is the right move for our family. 

This is a great opportunity to purchase pygmy goats from our breeding herd, or a retired animal as a pet! Please email or call with any questions, or to set-up a time to meet the herd.  Thank you!  
2014 Pygmy Goat Kids! 

All 2014 pygmy goat kids have been sold and are enjoying life at their new homes.  Thank you!  Continue to scroll down the page to see our awesome bucks and does that we are offering for sale.

Doko Farm Bucks
Dellinger's Mini Farm Fox Run- For Sale $300
NPGA Registered Buck   
Grey Agouti, Disbudded
DOB: 02/12/2008
Sire: Lone Palmetto Swampfox
Dam: Indian Branch Pygmies Gracie

Brandybuck Batman- For Sale as a penmate for FoxRun 
NPGA Registered Buck
Caramel, Horns
DOB: 02/27/2007
Sire: Brandybuck Bofus
Dam: Brandybuck Katie Precious

Jack of Hearts- Sold
Sire: Pygmy
Dam: Pygmy

Ice- Sold
Sire: Jack of Hearts
Dam: Mint Julep

Doko Farm Does

Jett- With a single doeling at her side born 2/18, Sold
Pygmy Doe
Black Agouti, Horns
DOB: 11/18/2007
Sire: Pygmy
Dam: Pygmy


Jett's Doeling- Sold
Pygmy doe kid
Black Agouti, Disbudded
DOB: 2/18/2015
Sire: Dellinger's Mini Farm Fox Run

Mint JulepSold
Pygmy Doe
Grey Agouti, Disbudded
DOB: 6/9/2011
Sire: Dellinger's Mini Farm Fox Run
Dam: Jett


Willow- With twin doelings at her side born 2/17, Sold
Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf Doe
Caramel, Disbudded
DOB: 02/23/2008
Sire: Pygmy, Romeo- white caramel
Dam: Nigerian Dwarf, Puffs- brown

Willow's Doelings- Sold
  Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf doe kids
  Caramel, Disbudded
  DOB: 2/17/2015
  Sire: Ice- Pygmy Buck

Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf Doe
Brown Agouti, Disbudded
DOB: 4/21/2012
Sire: Dellinger's Mini Farm Fox Run, NPGA Registered Buck
Dam: Willow, Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf Doe