Heritage Poultry

We sell our poultry as whole, frozen birds.  Consider using the carcass to make a very flavorful stock, which can be frozen for later use.  As stewards of these breeds, we are working to help return them to their previous numbers. We feel the best way to do this, is to promote their many benefits, including the excellent taste, and help return them to the family table.
Our Animals Are:

Heritage Breeds

Listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste

Raised on Pasture

Raised Without Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

Raised Humanely on a Small Farm

Grown Locally in Richland County,
South Carolina

Processed at an Animal Welfare Approved and Certified
Humane Facility

Reservations for Chicks, Turkey Poults, Ducklings
 and Hatching Eggs 
We are now accepting reservations for day-old poultry from our pasture-raised heritage poultry flocks. All day-old poultry are sold as straight-run (expect both males and females), and must be picked up on their designated day, to avoid boarding fees. We do offer a 10% discount on orders of 20 or more, from a single hatch. Fertile eggs for hatching are also available. Prices for hatching eggs are as follows: Buckeyes are $30 per dozen, Narragansetts are $27 per half dozen, Saxony are $18 per half dozen. All day-old poultry and hatching eggs must be picked up at Doko Farm. We do not ship. To place an order please call or email with your request.  Orders are filled in the order they are received. If we receive more orders than we can fill, we will consider adding additional hatches. Thank you!

 Breed Reserve by Pick up Price each
 Buckeye chicks Chicks Available May 29 and 30 $5
 Saxony ducklingsReservations Full. Check back after the hatch for available ducklings July 10 $6
 Buckeye chicks Reservations Full August $5

Buckeye Heritage Chickens
Buckeyes are a dual purpose chicken, meaning they are raised for both meat and eggs.  They are also the only standard American breed of chicken to be entirely developed by a woman, Mrs. Nettie Metcalf, of Warren Ohio.  Buckeye chickens are active birds and have friendly and calm dispositions.  Buckeye chickens are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's (ALBC) Conservation Priority List, as threatened.  

The slow growth and active life of a heritage chicken gives it something that even an organic, pasture-raised, industrial chicken lacks- Flavor!  Heritage chickens take 16 weeks to reach market weight (more than double that of an industrial chicken).  The rich chicken flavor and firm texture of a heritage chicken can not be duplicated and it cannot be rushed.  One bite and we think you will agree- it was definitely worth the wait!  

 Heritage Chickens are available, beginning in July of each year.  Buckeye Heritage Chickens are sold as whole birds, with neck, heart and liver inside, for $5.50 per pound.  Eggs are $4 per dozen. Eggs are sold out until spring 2015. Whole chickens are sold out until July 2015.

Saxony Heritage Duck 
Saxony ducks are a beautiful mid-sized duck, with good flavored meat wrapped in a delicious layer of skin and fat.  They are also excellent layers.  Saxony ducks are listed as critical on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's (ALBC) Conservation Priority List. Our Saxony ducks are processed at 20 weeks of age and are sold as whole ducks, for $13 per pound.  Eggs are $4 per half dozen.

Narragansett Heritage Turkeys- the holidays never tasted so good!

We begin accepting Heritage Turkey Reservations for the 2014 holidays, in August.
Thank you!

We proudly raise  Narragansett  Heritage Turkeys, which are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's (ALBC) Conservation Priority List, as threatened. 

Our heritage turkeys take a full 28 weeks to grow on pasture, and develop their excellent flavor.  Heritage turkeys are not selected to grow abnormally large breasts.  This would interfere with their ability to
 live productive outdoor lives. Expect a normal ratio of breast to dark meat.

We do collect feathers, in good condition, that are shed on our farm.  Email us for additional information.

Doko Farm Heritage Turkeys for the 2014 Holiday Season

This year, Doko Farm is raising a small flock of Narragansett Heritage Turkeys for your holiday table.  
Pricing for Doko Farm's 2014 heritage turkeys is $8 per pound.  A $20 deposit is required to complete your reservation and the balance (total cost of your heritage turkey minus your $20 deposit) is due at pick-up.  We accept cash or check.  We can now also accept most major credit cards.  There is a fee for card transactions. 

Our smaller sized heritage turkeys average 7 pounds.  Our larger heritage turkeys average 12 pounds.  

Your Heritage Turkey will be available, for on-farm pick-up, Saturday, November 22nd, from 10am-2pm.  Our Heritage Meat CSA Members will receive their heritage turkey (if this option was selected) along with their November share.  Thank you! 

Once our reservations are full, we will start a waiting list for the few birds that we hold in reserve.  Each year, we hold a small number of birds back from our reservation process, just in case something goes wrong, such as a predator event.  Most years, nothing goes wrong.  Then these heritage turkeys are made available for purchase.  There is no deposit required to be on the waiting list.  Once we have returned from the processor, we will start working our way down the waiting list, until all of our available heritage turkeys have been placed.  Please email or call to be placed on the wait list.