Anna Redwine Artist in Residence

Doko Farm is thrilled that Anna Redwine will be our Artist in Residence for 2011!  Her current work, Food Project, explores local, sustainable foods.

"At a time when factory-farm food recalls are commonplace and schoolchildren are shocked to learn that vegetables grow in dirt, the goal of this project is to remind viewers that all food was once alive. If it wasn’t, it isn’t food. It is the life of the foods that we eat that sustains our own lives, and this continuum of life thro
ugh eating that compels me to address food in my current work. "  -Anna Redwine  

Anna Redwine's Food Project will be ready for installation this autumn.  We cannot wait!

To learn more about Anna Redwine and her art, please visit her website,  Details on how you can view the Food Project will be posted here, as they become available.

Anna also designed Doko Farm's fabulous new logo.  Using our daughter's hand print for the turkey, she created a custom design that captures the true focus of our farm, pasture-raised heritage meats, family, and fun!  Thank you, Anna!  We lo
ve it!