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Free, public domain Refills! Use these, copy these, alter these, distribute these, etc. to your heart's content - no permission required.  

Some of the sources are pictured below: the Moog synthesizer at Wells College (see the Video section on the main page  to see the process of making the sounds) and a kalimba that Sander's family has had as long as he can remember.

  •  Moog Refill (see above)
  • Kalimba Refill (see above)
  • Spacy Refill: Various patches that we use in spacy songs; some instruments, some effects, and a drumset where all of the patches were made out of the sound of a library bathroom door opening (albeit mashed, distorted, stretched, compressed, and finagled into oblivion!). The only copyrights here are on Reason's sounds - otherwise, you're free to redistribute/use/modify/etc. without our permission.

Enjoy the files, and happy Reason-ing!