so what's the deal with Do Kashiteru?

Do Kashiteru is a duo that enjoys listening to and making different kinds of music, almost all of which fits under the "electronica" label. We've been compared with The Postal Service, Kraftwerk, and a Nine Inch Nails that doesn't hate everything so much.

where can I get your music?

A few places. It depends on what you want

  • For an introduction to our band, you can go to our Myspace.
  • For a little deeper look, or if you'd rather not use Myspace for whatever reason, click here for material we've released as albums.
  • For a sort of testing ground for our music - and the site we update the most frequently - go to our ccMixter profile here.

how can I get in touch with you?

Our email address is:

Send us a blank email with the subject "Mailing list" to be added to our mailing list!

can I give you some money?

Why, yes! Funny you should ask!