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Les Miserable - Amazing Success

Bouquets and Comments about Les Miserables 


That was a fanatastic performance.... please pass the word along.  Our group really enjoyed the actors' performance as well as the play.  For those of us who had seen the professional "broadway" performance years ago, we had to admit that we enjoyed this one more!  Thanks again. 
P.S.  Our seats were fantastic too.
Sherry Simpkins


Andorlie, congratulations on a truly magnificent show.  Les Miserables was spectacular!  And what a thrill to see such a full house on Thursday.

I honestly don't know how you manage the stress of bringing such an ambitious production to fruition.

The staging for every scene was striking and effective.  That was the best use of microphones I've ever seen in the Centre.

I heard many people say that they kept forgetting the actors were young people and not adults playing these challenging roles.

Our City is immensely fortunate to have such a fabulous musical theatre school with such a visionary and gifted Director.


Carolyn Speirs
Communications Manager
Office of the Lieutenant Governor


Dear Performers,  Bernie, Shana Marie,  Andorilie , Rob, Sue , Joan, Gerry,  and everyone else  involved in the the Production of Les Miserables,

On behalf of W.H. Ford  Elementary School we would  like to congratulate you all on an absolutely FANTASTIC Production of Les Miserables.  We were amazed by the talent  of these young singers.    The  effective colorful  sets ,  the  beautiful costumes,  as well as   the unbelievable singing voices  left a  memorable impression on the senior students from our school.    All students and teachers were extremely impressed by the calibre of this production. 

Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to be an audience for this outstanding performance .   We look forward to  your upcoming productions.

Mr. Dale Finch ( Principal)

W.H. Ford Gr. 6-8 Teachers


I wanted to send a brief thank you note out for such a beautiful and remarkable show. All the performances were exceptional and moving and so strong.

Thank you too for casting Edward and Vivian in this show.  They are very lucky kids to have been part of  this.

We appreciate your time and instruction with our children.


Therese and family



I would like to thank you for your matinee on Thursday, March 12. The performance was outstanding and please let the accompanist know he did a wonderful job. I am amazed at the dedication and talent these local artists have. Many hours of work to present a successful show!

And please let the performer who played Thenerdier know his performance was terrific. I thought I was watching Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean!


My grade 7 class were raving about the show all the way back to the school! Even the ones who "didn't like" musicals! I'm hoping they like them now!


Again, Congrats!


Mark Balon B.Ed., M.S.

St. Theresa

Regina Catholic Schools


Thanks from us the parents for giving us and our kids the thrill of Les Mis on the big stage! Everyone we invited last night loved it and I think we were lucky to have been part of it!


The Bester's


 I have to say that last night's Les Mis production was absolutely amazing!!! We watched in awe as it unfolded. We are extremely proud to have Emma in such a wonderful company and I just want to say a big Thank You for all that you do. The long hours you put in to get something like this acomplished does not go unnoticed.
thank you
Connie Fiorante