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Pet Fun

 Hey! Want to have some fun? Well look at the story below and complete it by filling in the blanks in your imagination!
Dog story:
 Kaitlyn was so happy she had a puppy. Her puppy ran around her                          (a place close by or in her house). Maybe one day her Collie would be able to be entered in contests. She lived in a fancy                                 , so she couldn't let her puppy be dirty, because the parents are very strict there. Her puppy followed her into the backyard secretly, all though she found out after a few minutes. "Kaitlyn! Why is this puppy so dirty?!" Her mother                             . Kaitlyn answered: "                                                              ". Her mother said fine, then they lived happily ever after.
Cat Story:
 Jennifer wanted to play tag with her kitten, Chloe. Chloe came out from under the couch and tagged Jennifer quickly. Jennifer couldn't catch up to her until she cornered the cat and got her. Then, Jennifer decided to give her kitten                                in Chloe's Harry Potter bowl. Chloe went under                              in Jennifer's room. Jennifer decided that she shouldn't chase her cat, so she took a short                         (nap or rest).

Sudoku Puzzle

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