Writing in a Digital Age: Artifacts from Presentations

 A site development workshop supported by the Technology Liaison Network and Technology Initiative at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting, November 2007


A complete description of the presentation can be found at the NWP Website


Joe Bellino, Maryland Writing Project
Betty Collum, MSU Writing/Thinking Project
Kevin Hodgson, Western Massachusetts Writing Project
Peter Kittle, Northern California Writing Project

Listen to Kevin's Introduction via a Podcast

Case Study One: Joe Bellino

Listen to Joe's Presentation via a Podcast

Case Study Two: Betty Collum

Listen to Betty's Presentation as a Podcast

Case Study Three: Peter Kittle

Listen to Peter's Presentation as a Podcast

Case Study Four: Kevin Hodgson

Listen to Kevin's Presentation as a Podcast

You can head to another site that we created to access all of the Table Notes from the session -- participants reflected on implications for the classroom and for writing project sites. Head to the Table Notes.

Do you want to try your hand at an ABC Story Project? Here is a VoiceThread from our K12 Online Conference site that you can contribute to and experiment with and think about applications for your site.

Yeah -- we know we used the "paper look" here. It reminds us of that reliable "old technology" -- pen and paper -- that is part of our daily lives.