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Dog Training: Walking into street

Dog Training: How to Train Your Dog Not to Cross Streets or Driveways without You


Would you like to train your puppy to automatically stop at the street without any verbal cue from you? This can be done by you by being consistent with your dog training program. Begin by starting to walk five feet from the street with your dog heeling at your side. As you walk toward the street, do not give any indication that you are going to stop at the curb. What you want to happen is for your dog to automatically stop and sit, since she recognizes this as a street even though you continue to walk past the curb and out on the street. When you do stop, both of your feet are on the street though your puppy is sitting at the curb.


You need to give yourself some leash room because you are increasing your speed as you move into the street - so you're adding a little more distance between you and your puppy. You are adding more leash because you don't want to inadvertently jerk your dog onto the street. If your dog follows you onto the street, turn around and pop the leash and say, "No! Back! Street!" Your hands should be over her right ear where all the pops take place. Later you can control her if she starts to enter the street by quickly turning around and saying "Back-Street Sit!" Practice this on as many street corners as possible. As your dog begins to identify streets on her own, you will notice that she will stop at driveways as well. This dog training exercise must be conducted with tenderness and utterly consistent as you must reinforce dog training through fun times for you and your puppy.


Next as you take your dog training further, you will step even further out into the street - a full car width away from the curb. Also at this level, you can drop the leash from your hands; however, make sure the leash is just in front of your feet so that you can quickly step on it just in case your puppy decides to bolt across the street. You can use a ten-foot leash for this level - with a longer lead you can more easily step on it if your pup starts to run away.


You want your puppy to get used to the idea that you are standing even further into the street and that she can't join you unless you give the command to bring her to your side and sit. If she follows you onto the street, don't panic or react with fear by screaming at her – effective dog training is showing kindness and tolerance however many times you will need to repeat this exercise. This is a new exercise and her instinct will be to stay at your side. Stay calm. Turn this mistake into a positive training session. Direct her back to the curb while you say "Back" as you initiate your movement backward with your left foot while your left hand chops the leash toward your waist. When her front paws hit the curb, say "Street," and when her hind legs hit the curb say "Sit."


Once your puppy is safely back on the curb, then step back out onto the street a full car width away from the curb. Because this exercise adds distance from your pup, she will increase her focus on you. This is what you want - to be seen as the leader of your pack on the street.


This exercise is not only good for dogs, but for owners as well. Many owners are nervous being in the street with their dog, so they tend to rush across the street. But rushing across the street sends a bad message to your dog. She is learning that it's okay to blindly rush across the street. And if she does it with you, she will do it on her own someday if she gets loose from you. When participating in the dog training and dog training schedule you will need to reinforce to you and your puppy that you are his critical friend, and the emphasis must be on the friend part


Too continuously having your dog supervised and under full control is an extremely important part of dog care, and the only sure way of achieving this is to prepare for your puppy’s training needs prior to introducing the puppy to your home and then decide the best method to accomplish your puppy’s training needs, and if this means you will train your puppy yourself, then reading, understanding and following these content rich dog training articles is important.

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