A Rescue for English and German Shorthaired Pointers - Midland, North Carolina

Dogs Hope is a small rescue with no paid employees.
We do welcome volunteers.

Requirements: love to work, over 18, provide own transportation, commitment towards dogs.  We will send you a volunteer application.

Hours: Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 is our normal work day.  Weather permitting, volunteers walk dogs on Sunday mornings 10:00 - 12:00 and other times by arrangement with Judith (email dogs.hope@gmail.com).

The work:

Kennel chores - walking dogs, cleaning pens, cleaning crates, washing pans, feeding dogs, dog laundry and general cleaning in the kennel area (a 2000 square foot basement area). Judith, (Chief Dog Lackey) does most of the work right now, but really appreciates any help she can get.

Socializing dogs - all of the dogs crave attention, walks, baths, treats.

Yard work
- varies, most of the yard is taken up by the dog runs, but there is some yard. We have been clearing the area around the outside of the fence - there is a lot more to do.

Dog Food detail - sometimes we get donated food and usually we buy it. Either way, we have to pick it up, unload and put it away -not a small job. We use about 200 pounds of dry food, and dozens of cans and boxes of treats every week.

Pictures for the Petfinder Site - We really need help with this. It takes two people to get a good picture of a dog. This is one of the most fun tasks.

Facilities Improvement - Dogs Hope believes in CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement). We have come a long way, but have a long way to go. Some of our recent projects included putting shade tops on most of the runs. We are now (still and ongoing) working on gravel. We have several kennel panels to replace - essential.

Our project list includes:

gravel for the kennels and driveway (ongoing) essential
clearing brush and preparing area for new outdoor exercise area
setting up new kennels
ceiling in the kennel area - long range wish

Transport - every rescue can use help with this task. Picking up dogs from shelters, dogs to the vet, etc.

Fund raising - We would welcome your ideas on this.

Meet with and counsel potential adopters; show animals to the adopters - Dogs Hope dogs are shown by appointment to approved adopters. Sometimes people want to visit with several dogs. This is a great opportunity for volunteer help.

Dog Adoption Events - Given the limited staff, we haven't been able to do this much, but it would be great to get some of the animals out to publicity events.

Networking, phone interviews, etc. - An opportunity to explore. Right now, most of our communication is done via email.

Paperwork, files - Our volunteer Rita has made a great start on getting this organized. We need to maintain it.