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A Rescue for English and German Shorthaired Pointers, Small Dogs - Midland, North Carolina

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The Dogs Hope Rescue Mission is to:

  • Our rescue is primarily for purebred English Pointers and German Shorthaired Pointers. We do sometimes take mixes and we foster small, short haired dogs when we have space.
  • provide an opportunity for adoptable dogs to be rehomed into permanent, responsible situations. Adoptable means having a sound mind; shelter and other rescue dogs do not necessarily always have a sound physical body upon release into rescue
  • resolve behavior and physical problems before placement
  • carefully match the needs of the animal and the adopting home
  • spay or neuter all animals before placement. The only possible exception would be in the case of an animal so old that anesthesia would be too risky
  • require a physical home visit prior to all adoptions
  • require a satisfactory veterinary reference
  • require that certain environmental conditions must be met (fence, adequate housing, etc.) based on the needs of the individual animal
  • place the needs of the animal first in making decisions about adoption. Consider the needs of the prospective adopter in terms of suitability for the specific animal's situation (there are always plenty more animals available if ours isn't a match)
  • promote positive working relationship between breed/animal rescue and animal shelters
  • provide education and information about the needs of animals such as training, living conditions, spay neuter, health concerns
  • work closely with other rescue organizations - networking, helping with transport, temporary boarding, etc
  • saving every adoptable animal is not a realistic goal. However, working to reduce the numbers of dogs in shelters and the numbers who do not find homes is an important goal.

More information is on our FAQ page.

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