A Rescue for English and German Shorthaired Pointers, Small Dogs - Midland, North Carolina


FAQ: Some of our frequently asked questions.

For more information check the individual Petfinder listings for each dog. We try to make each description as complete as possible.

Why do you limit your adoptions to local areas? Dogs Hope generally does not adopt out of our area - a three to five hour drive from Charlotte NC is about the limit.

Our reason for adopting locally is:
1. We do not ship dogs. We think it is always the best option for a potential adopter to meet the dog in person before committing to an adoption.
2. We want to make it easy to return the dog in case the situation doesn't work out.
3. We like to be able to do home visits on our own - we do occasionally have someone else in the  area do the home visit,  but it is better when we can do them. Most of our adoptions are in North and South Carolina. We have a few dogs in Virginia.We will be glad to talk with you about this.

When can I come out to see the dogs? Because Dogs Hope is a private rescue, with a very limited staff (generally one person, sometimes two on the weekends), we are not open to the public. If you are seriously interested in one of our dogs, and have filled out an application, we will get in touch with you to set up an appointment. Visits generally take place on the weekends.

Is ____________ still available? Dogs hope makes an effort to update our listings as frequently as possible. When a dog is adopted, we move the listings to the adopted page right away. So if you see a dog you are interested in, very likely he or she is still at Dogs Hope.

Do pointers like/do well with children? In general, pointers are good with children and make a great choice as a family pet. Some rescue dogs have been mistreated though. They might not trust children or anybody at first. All children need to be supervised around any dog at all times. Sometimes our dogs are pretty active and might be too big for really small children. Sometimes children are too rough on the dogs. We are more concerned about the children being too much for the dogs rather than the other way around.

Do they like / get along with cats? Some pointers like (or at least ignore) cats and some do not. In general most of our English pointers are fine with cats. Some of the German Shorthairs are not good with cats. Each dog is cat tested. If he or she is not good with cats we note that on the description. We have cats at Dogs Hope. Their safety is a concern, so we take this seriously.

Will they stay in a fence? Again, it depends on the individual. Most of them are fine in a 4' or 6' chain link fence. We wouldn't trust any of them unattended in an invisible fence - pointers are too hunting oriented. Check the individual listings for each dog's requirement (if they aren't good with fences it will be on the description). Dogs Hope does require a proper containment system for every dog - no exceptions.

Do they like other dogs? Most pointers are good with other dogs. There are exceptions. Right now there are several really sweet male pointers at Dog Hope who love to play with other boy dogs. When a dog comes to our rescue, he is given time to get adjusted and introduced slowly to the other dogs. If a dog doesn't get on with other dogs, he is recommended to be an only pet (which is noted in the description)

Are they really active? Most Pointers and German Shorthairs are pretty active. Like all dog breeds, each dog is different. We always evaluate every animal for his or her suitability to a specific type of home. Most pointers do require regular exercise in a secure location. If they are suited for a less active situation, this will be included in their description.