Adopting a Dog

A Rescue for English and German Shorthaired Pointers - Midland, North Carolina


We try to match dogs with people in relationships which may last ten to fifteen years. We want this to work out permanently for both the dogs and the families who adopt them so our process requires time.

There is no guarantee that a dog will be available that matches your interests. Dogs-Hope retains the right to refuse any adoption.

Our adoption process is extensive.
1. Application: Fill out and submit the online application:
2. Review of application: Your answers will be reviewed and your vet and/or groomer and personal references will be contacted. Once references are approved,
3. Phone interview: You will be contacted by phone for an extensive interview.
4. Home visit: If the phone interview is approved, you will be visited in your home by a Dogs Hope Rescue volunteer (or volunteer from another rescue that we have confidence in from your area). In addition, we retain the right to follow up visits at one week, one month, six months and annually.
5. Visit with the dog. If all goes well, the dog goes home to his or her new family.

We require and adoption donation that vary with each animal. Generally $175 (mixes) - $250 - $350 (purebred). We do not accept checks.

Rescue and rehabilitation efforts are funded solely through adoption fees and donations. We receive no public funds.

We do not euthanize. Once an animal has been accepted into Dogs Hope, it will be cared for throughout it's natural life and it is always welcome to return here. In fact, our contract will require that you return the animal to Dogs Hope if you can no longer care for him or her, no matter what the reason.

Please look at our pet list - if you see a dog you are interested in, please call the person listed or fill out the on-line form.
Adoption donations do not cover the actual costs of maintaining this rescue however.