Overweight Golden Retrievers

Who wouldn’t love their Golden Retriever?

Won’t you be scared if you found out that your Overweight Golden Retrievers face severe health hazards and probably life threatening problems? Yes, obesity is a big problem with Golden Retrievers and most other dogs. Over zealous owners and ignorant pet lovers do not realize this as an issue. Obesity creates and aggravates serious health issues in  Retrievers.

If a Dog is overweight, it’s the fault of the owner and not the Dog’s fault. The good news here is dog obesity can be reversed using proper methods and can also be prevented in future. Why do they become overweight? Golden Retrievers become overweight for many reasons like simple overfeeding to complex thyroid problems.

Almost half of all domestic dogs are overweight due to excess food intake and less exercise. Before trying out any weight loss method, get your dog tested for thyroid problems. If your Golden has a sluggish thyroid, the weight loss programs may not work unless you correct this condition first.

The most obvious reason for overweight dogs is improper diet and insufficient exercise. Dogs do not over eat; they are over fed in most cases. Lack of exercise in Dogs is similar to what we humans experience. Simple tasks like running around the house and playing do not constitute exercise. Walking once a week is never sufficient. You have to properly walk your dog daily.

Desexing is another reason for dog obesity. Desexing Goldens alters the hormonal balance and can cause metabolic issues leading to obesity. Also dogs that are recovering from illnesses remain sedentary and old dogs face body metabolism changes. These dogs are also prone to weight gain because they lack the exercise regimen required for them.

 Weight-loss Tips for Overweight Golden Retrievers

Overweight dogs losing substantial amount of weight is not a miracle, and it is possible for many owners to do it. First of all, an owner has to accept the fact that obese dogs are really overfed by one way or other. By acknowledging the problem, owners can find out what is really happening. Most dogs are fed simultaneously by friends, relatives, and neighbors.

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Bully stick Treats add lots of calories with added sugars, preservatives and artificial colors, and same with a large dog biscuits. Have a check on the extra food your dog might be getting. The best way to burn the excess weight is to reduce the calorie intake per day. If at all there is a need for treats, try a 4 inch bully stick but do not give them daily. Try it out once in 4 days and replace them with either baby carrots or sliced apple.

Secondly, go for a high protein diet like Natures Variety frozen raw venison and rabbit medallions. Use a smaller bowl for his meals, add more green beans, carrots, pumpkin and zucchinis. Use fresh veggies or frozen, but not the canned ones that have added salt. Find out which veggie your dog loves, and give him a feel of “full” stomach without any extra calories.

While you reduce the calories, give 1 teaspoon of Amazing Omegas every day to maintain a balanced diet and also to avoid allergies. Avoid “Lite” diets because they are too low on both proteins and carbohydrates. Substitute with veggies till they reach the weight goal.

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If your dog is very obese, you can also try supplements like Liver Rescue or Carnitine Synergy. They speed up the body metabolism and helps burn the excess weight faster. Trimming down faster is important, because overweight dogs collect fat around the organs also over a period of time, and that is not good for them at all.

Supplements clear the toxins from its liver and burn the fat around the heart faster. Eventually, you will need to find the best diet and corresponding exercise needed for your overweight golden retrievers. Once you achieve the goal weight, you may increase the exercises and go back for normal food till the weight holds. Keep the exercises and calorie-full food in tandem.

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Check out more obesity based tips at Golden Retriever Forum ( http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com ), Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc ( http://www.ygrr.org ) and Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida (http://www.grrmf.org )

Love your Golden Retriever Dogs

Neglecting your overweight golden retrievers is like chopping off years from its life. They also end up with physical problems very soon. Loving your dog is one thing, overfeeding is another. Obesity in dogs is an epidemic and has to be kept in control. You can find more details about Golden Retrievers at Love a Golden Rescue ( http://www.loveagolden.com ). If you don’t see the ribs and weights of your  golden retriever, its time to go for the green beans.