One of the most enjoyable feelings you can have is when you take that out of control puppy or older dog and turn them into a respectful, calm, well behaved dog. Learning the right ways to train them will speed up this process and make your life a lot more enjoyable.
Crate training is one important factor in dog training. This will help you in controlling your dog at night or when you are not home.
Then there comes the all important house breaking. Oh what a great feeling when your puppy walks to the door, whimpers and goes outside to do his business.
The sit/stay command is a common but very important command that every dog should learn. This command is important when friends or family come over or when you are walking your dog and you stop to talk to someone.
Learning the come command can save your dog if he sneaks out the door. Having him extinctly come to you will save him from running off and potentially harming himself.
We all know how puppies love to grab and chew anything they can get their teeth on. The leave it command will stop this quickly and save whatever valuables your dog decides is dinner.
Dog training is a very enjoyable experience. Just remember to have patience and in no time you and your dog will be enjoying much quality time together.