Karts for K-9s

The Rover

A therapeutic device for dogs who need to regain strength in their legs has been developed.

The Rover is a four-wheeled dogkart designed for dogs who, due to injury, illness, or surgery, cannot walk unassisted.

What the Rover can do for you and your dog...

The Rover allows dogs to exercise their legs without straining their backs after illness or injury.

The Rover is effective in helping dogs rapidly regain strength after illness or injury.

The Rover allows dogs to eat, drink, urinate, and defecate normally while recovering when previously they would have been bed-bound.

The Rover is easy for owners to adjust and use.

The Rover is made of durable, quality materials in the USA.

The Rover allows dogs to exercise their legs without putting any strain on their backs. The dog's chest rests in a harness which allows it to maneuver The Rover without strain. The Rover is designed to be easy to propel and turn by dogs. It is also easy for owners to place dogs in it.

Dogs quickly learn how to maneuver The Rover and that they can respond to nature's calls while in the kart.


Jack Van Voast, owner of K-9 K-9 Kennels and breeder of Rottweilers, used The Rover to help his show class Rottweiler, Ilke, recover from a back injury. She could not walk on her own, was urinating and defecating on herself, was unable to keep herself clean, and was losing interest in life.

The Rover gave her a second chance by allowing her to exercise her legs while fully supporting her back. She is once again capable of running unaided and living a normal life.