More Photos of Our Sunny's Pack

Sunny's Pack goes on, of course, and it's so charming to see many of the little quirks and behaviours that have been handed down - taught from one to the other, from dog to cat, dog to dog, cat to cat, and cat to dog - from our original Babies, Sunny and our four rescued cats.

The current line-up is below, and we'll add our cats too.

This brood keeps up smiling, having fun, loving, and contributing. 
Pets make life sunshiny, and worth living, don't they? No matter what, they see us through.

Our Giant Breed, Ulli  - Rescued Along With SIxteen Others From A Breeder, has gone to Heaven. Nov 2012, sad, sad, sad..

Our Katrina Rescue Rottie Female, IshIsh, Spayed, of course, now, as are all our pets - she had probably escaped from a breeding facility where she was only a slave.She has just gone to Heaven, now June 2013, sad, sad,sad...

Another Katrina Rescue, and we also have rescued two Katrina cats. (plus, we drove supplies and water into the victims)

Our Precious Pitbull Rescue, Peep, in 2008, also has joined Sunny and Thor in Heaven

Our Rescue From Montana

A Little Doll Rescued From A Freeway

Plus, we have been fortunate to have rescued many other dogs, cats, and members of wildlife species, successfully, to have placed them in wonderful homes, rehab centers, or back into the wild, for the no-pet species.

Rescuing is a way of life for us. We always find time to save a life, to give a lift to a needy being - transportation is a large part of pet and wildlife rescue - after all, life-saving is the most important thing any of us can do in life, don't you think?