Our Sugar Blue

LIttle Baby Sugar Blue, Playing

A careless female sibling, who'd asked for this precious kitten from a neighbor, then neglected even feeding him, leaving him alone and shivering in a cold room...led to my raising him in my room, where I slept with him in my arms, keeping him warm.
Here he is, rejoicing in my room, happy and well-tended.

Sweet Baby Sugar Blue on Our Bed - Mine and His

He was a Van kitten, with one green and one blue eye.
He was good-natured, and gentle, warmly intelligent, and loved to drink water from the pool when outside, hovering on the stairs.
He disappeared one day, at around the age of three, my mother thought having been ousted by a female cat who'd wanted to take over.
I'm not sure.
I do know that, due to his beauty, style, and personality, someone nearby might have taken a fancy to Sugar and have asked him to live with them.
Of course, our mother, who usually didn't take to any pets, this time was probably innocent, since she actually liked him.

Sugar Blue at his Pool

Kids, always help with others' pets if the pet is not being given the best life.
Also, please keep your pets indoors for their safety - and your own. Heart-break is extreme when one's pets disappear.
Also, make sure both your parents and siblings are kind to your pets.
Otherwise, find a nice, perhaps grandparently neighbor and ask them to adopt your pet and allow you to visit him or her and to help with the tending - and with other things!
I wish I had done this for Sugar Blue.
And then, to remind parents of how NOT to be: after the new stray cat had come along, who my Brother and I had thought looked like one of our previous cat's kittens come home, and after my mother blamed both her and my Bro and me for having had the heart to be kind to the new stray too, she, deciding that she had liked Sugar Blue after all, reminded us thereafter that we'd caused Sugar Blue to run away. 
We don't know how he disappeared, and I always pray that either a kindly neighbor had taken a fancy to him and kept him inside or that he'd gone home with a friend of mom's and she wouldn't tell us about it.
Anyway, we adored and will always miss him.
I'll always adore you, Darling!

Regal, Grown Up Handsome Man, Sugar Blue atop his Garden Wall